Thursday, 8 May 2014

Introducing My Family

Whilst I introduced myself on my first blog post I thought it would be nice to introduce the rest of the family living in our home here in the West Midlands. They are Neil (my fiancé), Shortie (the dog) and Tigger and Harvey (the cats). Here is a little bit about them all.

Neil and I 
First up my fiancĂ© Neil. I met Neil in August 2009. We started chatting a couple of months before we met up on twitter. I joined twitter that year because my favourite tv presenter and longest crush Phillip Schofield had joined. At the time I was running his fan website (which sadly closed down after his official site came about and he started using twitter more) and I had good contact with Phillip so when he joined I just had to join too. Phillip saw I had followed him and he followed me back (I was the 9th person he ever followed on twitter...and proud hehe). He then started following random fans who followed him and one of them was Neil. So as he was following random fans I started following them too in order to try and get them to join our fan site. Neil and I got chatting through tweets and then he went away on holiday one day and I didn't have contact with him for about 3 weeks and I had this weird feeling inside like I really missed him. So when he came back from his holiday I told him that I missed him and would love to meet him. We chatted a little on the phone and then one weekend I invited him down to Bath to meet me. We met and we just clicked. Since then we have been together. Whilst I was in Bath Neil used to come down every weekend. In 2011 Neil and I got engaged which went on to become news as Phillip tweeted about it here - so it was picked up by The Sun and various other web sites including Digital Spy.

Neil and I 
Just over a year ago I moved up to the West Midlands to be with Neil and we have been living happily together ever since. Neil is a wonderful kind, gentle, caring man and I couldn't ask for a better partner and soul mate. Since I have moved here I lost my job which isn't great and whilst I am looking for another job Neil has not put any extra pressure on me because of my various health issues (which I may talk about in future posts).  Neil loves playing console games especially on his new 2DS, he likes playing Magic The Gathering, walking the dog and art amongst other things. It took me 30 years to find Neil but it was worth the wait. The best prize I have ever won is his heart. I am a very lucky lady and not a day goes by when I don't think about how lucky I am to be with him. 

And now onto our furry friends who brighten up our lives and are a big part of our family.

Shortie is our 11 year old Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle (Yorkiepoo). Back in 2012 I really wanted a dog of my own to take for walks and love and care for as I have always loved dogs. So I decided to go to the Bath Cats and Dogs Home and have a look at the dogs up there. I knew I wanted a little dog as I only lived in a one bedroom flat. In fact it worried me a bit that they wouldn't let me home a dog because I lived in a flat but when they came to look it was all fine. It was a ground floor flat and had plenty of places to walk nearby. I went up to the home a couple of times before I saw Shortie. He was in the part of the home where new dogs have just come in. As soon as I saw him I knew he was the one. I was a little worried about him being 9 years old but it was nice to adopt an older dog. I took Neil up to see Shortie the next day and put my name down to have him which was a good job as other people had started taking an interest in him. That week I had an inspection in my home which went really well and on the 18th March I was allowed to collect him and bring him home. I asked his back story and from what I was told he came to the home as a puppy and was adopted by a lady who had him for the 9 years but sadly one of  her relatives became seriously ill and she had to go to London to look after them so she couldn't take Shortie with her. It must have been extremely heartbreaking for that woman to give him up. In a way I wish I could have contact with her just so that she knows Shortie is being looked after well and is a very happy boy here but then I wouldn't want to upset the lady in any way either. Shortie settled in really well. I was worried that my cat Tigger wouldn't like him but within a month of Shortie being with us they were snuggling up on the sofa and have been best friends ever since. Shortie loves nothing more than going out walking with his doggy friends. He can walk and walk and walk. He loves people and is mostly good with other dogs as long as they are not in his face too much. He growls a little sometimes but it's not in a nasty way, in a way I think it's him talking. We made some great friends in Bath and we have made some great new friends here now too. I am so glad I found Shortie. 

Tiggy cuddles 
Tigger is my 13 year old cat. I have had Tigger since he was 8 weeks old. He has always been a really friendly boy with a bit of an odd purr at times. When I first got Tigger I helped my Mum run a B&B in Bath and Tigger used to be so funny because when people used to ring the door bell he would run into the hallway and lay down ready for the guests to fuss over him. Tigger has always been an outdoor cat. He comes in with the family sometimes but he loves nothing more than being outside sunbathing. I think he thinks he is a dog sometimes too, as he loves Shortie so much that he even likes to come on walks around the block with us which makes people stop and ask about him. He is getting on a bit now and sadly recently has been diagnosed with an over active thyroid so we are having to give him tablets twice a day everyday but he is a very happy boy. 

Harvey is Neil's 13 year old cat. Neil has had Harvey since he was a kitten. He is a lovely boy but a little bit shy. If someone new comes into the house he goes off and hides. Harvey has been an indoor cat for at least the last 10 years of his life so he doesn't go out much, only into the yard when we go out there. Harvey and Shortie get on okay but they are never going to be best buddies. Harvey doesn't like Shortie getting too close but they will sleep on the same bed together. Harvey is sweet, once he gets to know you he is really loving.  I am glad all the animals have settled in well together. It was one of our worries when I deicded to move up with Neil. I think it helps that they are all older animals.  

Our pets together............

And there we have it. Our happy little family x


  1. It's lovely to read this. :)

  2. Trish - facebook (Patricia Richardson)8 May 2014 at 20:33

    Lovely Ellen! <3 xxx

  3. lovely to see you are an animal lover just like me x

  4. Fantastic Ellen x You must be very proud of yourself :-) xx

  5. i love the story of how you met Neil!!

  6. Ooooh, Shortie is such a cutie, lovely dog.