Monday, 19 May 2014

The Amazingly Talented Jules Hudson

As I mentioned in a previous post I am a huge fan of Jules Hudson from Escape To The Country and Countryfile. I first started watching Escape To The Country many years ago when I was still living with my mum. We both loved the show as we both enjoy the countryside and love seeing the amazing houses with the budgets that someone like me could only dream of.  Every afternoon we would sit down and watch Escape To The Country and choose the house we liked the best. After a few weeks of watching the show one presenter started standing out from the rest, Jules Hudson. It's not just the fact that he is incredibly handsome and always looks like he belongs in the country with his rosy cheeks and his lovely shirt/jeans combos or his lovely well spoken voice but he stood out because of his connection with the house hunters on the show, he just has a lovely way with people. He looks so relaxed around the house hunters and in turn it relaxes them and so makes the show more enjoyable to watch. It's especially nice when he gets a couple of house hunters that he really connects with and they can have a joke and laugh too.

Jules presenting Escape To The Country

So I started taking an interest in Jules and his work. At the time there was a Facebook group dedicated to Jules but it was a very quiet group and so after some time trying to revive it a bit I decided to set up a new Facebook group with the help of a few others. The purpose of the Jules Hudson Fans group  is to meet other fans, discuss the shows Jules is on and any other information about Jules' work. The group has really gained in numbers and we have many members from all over the world as Escape To The Country is shown in Australia and many countries throughout Europe. I spend a lot of time getting screencaps of Jules for the group but I don't mind I actually enjoy doing it them and sharing with the other members of the group. I always say the group wouldn't be a group without all the other fab members that participate in chats and keeping the it active. After setting up the group I started trying to get in touch with Jules by sending him letters about the group via his agency. I then came across his lovely PR lady at the time Jane on twitter and she helped a lot by asking Jules our questions and getting in contact with him for us. Then one day Jules sent me an email through a friends account on Facebook. It was amazing to hear from him. Jules doesn't have his own Facebook account. He then one day rang me, it was so lovely to get to chat to him and I felt so lucky.

Last year Jules kindly agreed to meet up with me. Neil (my fiance) and Tania (Jules' partner) came along too. We had an amazing time, we had a chat, some lunch and Jules answered questions from the fans in the Facebook group and signed some goodies for our fundraising raffle. I was so nervous about meeting him but when I got there I calmed down especially because Jules and Tania are so friendly and very easy to talk to. One of the things I really like about Jules is he is just a down to earth normal chap, he is not full of himself and doesn't really see himself as a celebrity (even though he is). If people stop him in the street or wherever he is happy to say hello and have a chat.

Having lunch with Jules, March 2013.

Jules joined twitter a few months after I set up the Jules Hudson Fans twitter which has been so great as he posts pictures from when filming and also gives us a little bit of insight into what he gets up to in his spare time in his home. A few months after I first met up with Jules he rang me to say he was filming at Severn Valley Railway near where I live and would I like to go along and watch. I jumped at the chance. I only got to see half an hour of filming but so much work goes into making the show and Jules is just so natural and professional. It was such a great experience to meet the team and see the work they all put into creating the show. It takes a week to film one episode of Escape To The Country which is on television for 45 minutes. The whole team work really hard and I know that it doesn't end there as the editing team have to go through the footage and piece the show together and Jules also needs to do the voice overs for various sections of the show.

Jules at Severn Valley Railway
Me with Jules and the crew

From behind the camera

Last month I went to meet up with Jules and Tania again with Neil and we had a brilliant time and got loads of amazing signed goodies that Jules donated for our fundraising for his chosen charity The Labrador Rescue Trust (we had a little raffle for everyone who donated to have the chance to win the goodies - we raised a total of £579.03). We even made a little video (sound quality is a bit poor due to the wind).

Jules is such a lovely man and our fan group is very lucky to have contact with him and all the things he does for us. I continue to enjoy watching Jules on Escape To The Country and Countryfile. I am sure Jules will be presenting for many years to come as he is such a talented television presenter and has a great interest in the countryside and history. I enjoy running the fan group on Facebook and Twitter and chatting to other fans and we are hoping to have a group meet up with Jules in the future which will be great fun.

Neil and Jules, April 2014

Me and Jules, April 2014

After meeting Jules and speaking to him so often I would like to think he is one of my friends but in reality I know I will always be his fan......hopefully a very good fan and I very grateful to Jules for all his help and time.

One of my autographs from Jules 



  1. Thought it was a shame Jules did all the talking. It would've been great to hear you speak a bit more. Shame about the wind. I never knew how long it took them to make just one episode.

    1. I didn't really want to be in the video as I never know what to's all spur of the moment hehe :-) x

  2. He is such a lovely guy ! Thank you for sharing all this with us. I am a huge fan of his work.

    Friendly, Aina

    1. You are welcome. Glad you like it. He is lovely. x

  3. I have always loved 'Escape to the Country' which I did in Cheshire in 2012! Jules is clearly the best presenter by far .. followed by Alistair (who is also tasty, but gay!). Their programmes are addictive to folk like me .. still enjoying the repeats, BUT more new ones please .. except please dump the Essex Nicki with the huge rear!! Jeanie