Sunday, 4 May 2014

Wins of The Week - 4th May 2014

Each week I hope to post my wins of the week here on my blog (if I have any). As I mentioned before in a post I have a Winspiration book where I write down all my wins. I don't put any wins into my book until they actually arrive so these posts will be about wins I have received with a list at the bottom of wins I am waiting on to arrive.

So this week started off with a win of Paranoia on DVD. I won this from Hit The Floor website.  It stars the rather dishy Liam Hemsworth, and Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. According to the blurb on the DVD it's about two tech billionaires who are trying to out do each other but then a rising star falls in between their life and death game of corporate espionage. By the time he realises his life is in danger he is in too deep and knows too much to let him just walk away. It looks like a cool film and I look forward to watching it. 

My next win was Diana on DVD. I won this from the Chris and Phil Present website. This is a film I really wanted to win as I missed it when it was on at the cinema. The film stars Naomi Watts as the role of Diana which I think was really brave of her to take on. According to the blurb on the DVD it's about the bitter-sweet story of the last man to truly capture her heart that has never been told before. I have always been interested in the Royal family and Diana and read many books on her from various people who worked for her or knew her. I definitely can't wait to sit down and watch this one. 

My next two wins both came on the same day. A copy of Bad Grandpa on DVD and I have no idea where this came from. Occasionally you get wins that arrive with no compliments slip or notes. It's lovely to receive a surprise win. This DVD looks really funny and comes from the jackass team so I imagine it's going to be outrageous. According to the blurb on the DVD it's about an 86 year old man who is unexpectedly saddled with the care of his 8 year old grandson who then causes trouble and mayhem on real life people. It's a hidden camera comedy. Sounds very funny! 
I also won a Benefit Beyond mascara from Feel Unique  which I might give to my sister or maybe she could teach me how to use the stuff! I am 35 and never have applied make up!  Is that sad? 

Finally I received my first copy of National Geographic Kids magazine. I won a 12 month subscription in a huge Easter competition win ran by Little Bird and Micro Scooters and this was part of it. The magazine is great and I will definitely be passing it on to my niece. What's more it has 182 prizes to be won so something for my niece to enter. I love nothing more than winning prizes for my extended family. The magazine is full of lots of great information on wildlife and other things including posters. There is also a wall poster for the world cup too. I am looking forward to receiving this each month to pass on. 

Also this week I decided to finally get around to spending my £50 Cotswold Outdoors voucher I won last year. I decided to buy these gorgeous Hi-Tec trainers. I just loved the colour and could really do with a smart pair of trainers for special occasions. A pair that isn't going to get wrecked from dog walking in the rain. I am really pleased with them, they are so lovely and comfortable and fit really nicely. 
If you are interested in these trainers they are available for £50 on the Cotswold Outdoors page here.

And that concludes my wins for this week. Below is a list of prizes that I have won and I am still waiting to arrive. Good Luck with the competitions everyone. 

Prizes waiting to arrive: 
Activity and Sticker books from Puffin and Penguin
2 x Children's Me Seeds Starter Kits from Seed Pantry
2 x Kids backpacks from Bobo Buddies
£100 Theatre Break gift voucher from Show and Stay
Captain America Goody bag from Hollywood News
Tabasco Hamper from Staffordshire Living
2 x Fanimals from Fanimal
Models Own Set from Echo Falls


  1. Well done Ellen, I'm just getting back into it now! Looking forward to winning again! xx

  2. Well done on your wins, its really great to hear of your wins and where you have won them from.