Friday, 20 June 2014

How I Would Manage Football In England

So here we are again. England are out of the World Cup and this time it's in the very first rounds. I must admit I never really get my hopes up any more. This World Cup there seems to have been less hype and I have noticed less flags around than usual. Maybe people don't have so much faith in England or maybe just aren't that bothered by football. Being an England fan I am used to be disappointed now.  I don't watch football normally, only when England plays but I do have some pretty strong views on how I would improve football in England. 

So here are my ideas to make a better England football team:

1) Stop blaming the manager for everything. I never really understood why people blame the manager whenever a team does badly. The manager doesn't even touch the football. In my view it should be the players that get the stick when they lose. It's like going into a restaurant and ordering some food that arrives and tastes vile and blaming the waiter rather than the chef. I actually quite often feel very sorry for the managers. 

2) Make the football leagues more English. I hope people don't take the the wrong way as I don't mean it in a racist way but I believe to make England better at football we need to bring more of the young stars into the league to develop alongside the older players. Therefore I think the first step to do this and to give them a chance is to have a cap on foreign players. I am thinking maybe allowing two foreign players on the field at the same time per team. I feel the English players just aren't getting the chance to play in their own country. 

3) Introduce a England team into the Premier League. The team would be made up of all the best players in England and week in week out they play together to gel and have a chance to become a proper team. They would play against all the other teams in the Premiership. I think part of the problem with our team is that they don't play together often enough. 

4) Pay the players based on how they play. I feel that football players are on a ridiculous amount of money anyway so why not  pay them a slightly reduced wage and then when they play well reward them with more money. This might take place already, like I said before I don't watch football all the time. To me it makes sense and would also make the players feel like it's worth giving it their all. 

5) Stop harping on about 1966.  It was amazing what the England team did in 1966 but it's a long time now and going on about it all the time doesn't really help us. If I was an English player I think I would be fed up by now of hearing about 1966. I am sure football was a lot different back in 1966. 

And that concludes my ideas. Some might be a bit unrealistic but maybe just maybe we might have a better team to put forward. The most important thing is to let the new talent come through. The top clubs really need to take a chance on some of the younger upcoming players so we have a lot of choice of players for the next World Cup. 

It's sad to see England drop out so soon especially as us fans that only watch for England have to put up with another couple of weeks of it on the tv. 


  1. You certainly could do no worse

  2. I would definatley agree with 1 and 2. Not sure how 3 would work. I dont think players should get paid to play for England at all. I dont hear many ppl talking about 1966 anymore. Need a rocky style song to get the players hyped up! LOL