Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Tomodachi Life on Nintendo 3DS

About a month ago I saw a video trailer for a new game that came out in the UK last Friday called Tomodachi Life. As soon as I saw the video I knew it was a game I would be interested in buying. So last weekend I bought it and it's such a brilliant funny game I felt I had to write about it.

Tomodachi Life reminds me a little bit of The Sims and Animal Crossing but it is a lot more funnier. Basically you get to create your own Mii's (people) in the game and you can create whoever you want to include. At the moment I have about 25 Mii's in the game with a lot more rooms in my apartment block to add more.
Here is my Mii and also the QR code so that if you have the game you can scan it in and add me to your game.

In my game I  have created Mii's of family members, friends and even celebrities. For example here is my version of Phillip Schofield (it's very hard to get it perfect as there are limitations on facial expressions and in particular I find there aren't quite enough hairstyles or colours. However the colours issue is solved when you get given hairspray in the game to spray the Mii's hair any colour of your choice).

So once you have your Mii's set up they go about their daily life and as they level up you get to unlock more things for them including songs and items for their rooms. Each day, twice a day there is a news bulletin about what your islanders have been getting up to and it's a little video of one of your Mii's reading the news like it would be on television. You get to play games with your Mii's like guess the picture or match two. You also get to feed them and buy them food, clothes, hats and new designs for their apartment. Unlike The Sims though they don't continually nag you if they are hungry. They may just say now and again they are hungry to feed them but not all the time.

A group photo of my Mii's so far

All the Mii's interact with each other so they might ask you to help them make friends with someone or you might visit one apartment and three Mii's might be in there talking or playing games etc. For me the most fun part of the game is seeing who ends up with who romantically. So far I have a few people dating but I haven't had my first wedding in the game yet and I know when this happens even more unlocks so I am very much looking forward to seeing who marries who. The romance element makes it so much fun but there are also sad moments too for example my Phillip Schofield Mii asked my Mii out on a date (oh to be so lucky hehe) but then Neil's (my fiance) Mii came firing in and claimed he loved me more and so my Mii decided to date him instead and it made Phillip very sad but I cheered him up in the end by sending him on holiday to Hawaii.

Phillip having fun in Hawaii (before I sprayed his hair white)

And another very funny part of the game is when you put your Mii's on stage for a sing along together. I have had some real laugh out loud moments on my game.

A selection of my Mii's singing a ballad

The thing about this game is it's so addictive. I can sit down with my 3DS to play it for a few minutes and then look up an hour later and still be playing. There is so much to do and so much to unlock and so many funny situations. And another great thing is that in the game you can take photos at any point and share them on social media too. So as the story is unfolding I am posting pictures and tagging in friends and family and making them laugh a lot too. It's just a real fun game. If you like The Sims or Animal Crossing you will totally love this game.


  1. Replies
    1. It's such a fun game. I love it. Schofe recently married Neil's Mum haha :-)

  2. my daughter wants this for her birthday, thanks for the review :)

    1. Aww I think she would love the game. It's so fun. One of my couples has just had a baby. When the babies grow up you can send them out via streetpass to visit other people's islands and they send letters and pictures back.

  3. Looks like it is a fun game. I play Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 on an old laptop, I really enjoy taking the time out & playing it.

    1. Fab! The game is great. I used to play Theme Park a lot. So fun apart from when the people kept being sick on some of the rides. x