Sunday, 1 June 2014

Wins of The Week - 1st June 2014

Last week I was on holiday visiting my family so I didn't get a chance to do my wins of the week so this is my wins from the last two weeks.

On Tuesday 20th May I received a Inspector George Gently Series 6 DVD. It was a surprise win as I didn't know I had won it but it turned up in the post. On the back of the jiffy bag it said "The People", so I looked online and found out I entered to win it from The People newspaper so I presume that is where it came from. My mum likes Martin Shaw a lot so I expect I will give her this DVD. 

On Thursday 22nd May I received a Captain America Goody bag which I won from The Hollywood News. The goody bag contained a t-shirt, a cap, some stickers and some coasters. My fiancĂ© Neil is a big fan of Marvel so he was really pleased with these especially the t-shirt and the cap.  

Whilst I was away I received a £60 Frankie & Bennys voucher that I won from the Munch Bunch Facebook page. I am really pleased they have arrived. I have never been to a Frankie & Bennys before but they sound great. I am hoping to spend it on a nice meal for Neil and I to celebrate our 5th anniversary of dating each other in August. 

Next up was a little win. A Budweiser Coolie. I won this from an app game you can play on the iPhone. You scan a picture of the Budweiser logo with the app and it tells you if you have won instantly. You also collect country flags to unlock winning other prizes. It's a daily competition. I have also won a Budweiser bottle opener which I am waiting to arrive.  

Then I received a copy of 12 Years A Slave on dvd, a book and soundtrack. I won these from HMV. I have never seen this film but I know it's good and has won lots of awards. I am not sure whether to read the book first and then watch the film or the other way around. Sometimes it's good to read a book first but other times it's better to read afterwards as you can visualise the characters better. I am looking forward to seeing it. 

Next I received some Howdah Food Indian snacks. I won these on their twitter page @HowdahFood. The snacks are Peanut Pakoras, Peppered Banana Chips, Onion Bhajis, Bakaradi Bites, Bombay Puri and Masala Banana Chips. These look lovely. I haven't managed to try them yet as I only got back today but I look forward to it. I know Neil is going to love these a lot. 

And finally I won a fab Tarzan Goody bag from @CultboxTV on twitter. The goody bag includes a kids t-shirt (which will go to one of my nieces/nephews), a rucksack, a magnifying glass bug catcher, a stick pencil, a water bottle and a tree sapling. It's cool that it includes a tree. I am hoping to plant it out in a pot in the yard and see if it grows. The water bottle is cool too it has a filter in it. 

It's been fab coming back to these great goodies in the post. I also received two Mega Boxes of OMG! which I plan to do a post about and a competition to win one in the next week so keep an eye out for that post. 

Prizes waiting to arrive:
2 x Fanimals from Peperami Fanimal
2 x Models Own sets from Echo Falls
Hobgoblin Drinking Horn from Hobgoblin
Budweiser bottle opener from Budweiser
1 x Boost Exotic Fruits from Boost
1 x Boost Citrus Zing from Boost
Box of Chocolate Topcorn and Signed copy of of  'You're The One That I Want' by Giovanna Fletcher. 


  1. Great wins, I am new to comping so fingers crossed I get something soon, I have days where I can spend half a day on it and next day not be bothered, I am looking at it as my new hobby so I will do it when it pleases not as a chore, hopefully I will get some nice surprises on the way. x

    1. That's the best way. No pressure. I missed a lot at the end of the month because I was visiting family. Good Luck x