Friday, 4 July 2014

Great Dog Walks In And Around Kidderminster

When I first moved to Kidderminster I didn't know anyone apart from my fiancĂ© Neil. At the time I worked from home and probably would have never made any new friends if it wasn't for my dog Shortie. One of the great benefits of having a dog is being able to get out and walk and meet new people. Someone always stops and asks about your dog, especially other dog walkers and slowly you build up friendships and learn of new and exciting places to walk your dog. 

My Shortie 

Here in Kidderminster there are lots of lovely parks to walk your dog including Baxter Gardens Park, St George's Park and Brinton Park but the one park that has impressed me the most is Springfield Park. The park is within walking distance from the Kidderminster town centre along the pretty canal. I have only been to Springfield Park a few times now but hope to go more in these summer months. The park is kept up together so well by the council but also by members of the public who put so much effort into making the park the best park in Kidderminster. They also hold some lovely events during the year for all the family including fun dog shows. Here are some pictures from Springfield Park. 

The large pool for fishing and wildlife.

There are many wooden sculptures of animals.
Another favourite place to walk is Burlish Top which is not far out of Kidderminster near Stourport. Burlish Top was a US Army training and hospital camp during World War II and General George S. Patton made a famous speech from up three. There are various monuments with information for you to read as you walk around on the top. There is also plenty of wildlife to look out for up there too and lots of different paths to take through the trees and heathland. When you reach the top of Burlish Top which is a gentle walk up you get to see beautiful views of the countryside around and if you are lucky you can see the steam train going along the Severn Valley Railway line. 
Here are some pictures from Burlish Top:

Beautiful walk through the trees. 

View overlooking the beautiful Worcestershire countryside

And finally quite possibly one of the best woods I have ever been to. Hurcott Pool and Woods is just outside Kidderminster. Shortie and his doggy friend Rambo love exploring the woods which has many paths to take. During spring you can see the bluebells growing around the trees which is so pretty. There are also lovely views across the pool where you can spot many different varieties of birds. It's so peaceful and calm in the woods. I would definitely recommend it to people living in Kidderminster who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town. 
Here are some pictures of Hurcott woods and pool: 

Hurcott pool

Hurcott Woods
When I first moved from Bath to Kidderminster I never thought I would find places to walk that matched anywhere like Bath but it's made my realise that wherever you live in the UK there is more than likely somewhere nearby that is beautiful to walk. I am very lucky to live in such a wonderful country and to have some of the prettiest British countryside on my doorstep. 


  1. What a beautiful dog and what beautiful countryside. Makes me feel peaceful just to look at the pictures.

  2. Walking the dog in places like that makes life worth living. We live near a canal, so enjoy walking our dog down there.

  3. A little known fact about Kidderminster is that it is home to Brintons Carpets who laid the carpet int The Oval Office in the nineties!

    1. Most of my mothers family worked at Brintons Carpets. Her maiden name "Parkes".

  4. I have'nt been to Kidderminster myself but i seems like you have got some great place for you to walk & take in the countryside.I think sometimes we do have lovely places around us but just take them for granted & never really go out & enjoy them like you are.I bet your dog loves them

  5. There seem to be some great dog walks around this area. Our favourite local area to walk Barney is through the woods. Lots of places for him to 'sniff' and explore. We also enjoy the canal and river banks. It's great to get outside in the sunshine.

  6. It looks lovely for walking, Hurcott Woods looks great.

  7. Looks like lots of very pretty spots around there