Friday, 25 July 2014 Review is an online shop for all your pets needs including food, treats and toys. The shop caters for all pets including cats, dogs and small animals. You can shop on their website for your favourite brands including Felix and Pedigree but they also have an extensive range of brands that you might not find in your local supermarket. They also offer a brilliant Bottomless Bowl subscription service where you can auto reorder your favourite products so you never have to worry about running out of food and treats and there's free delivery on all orders over £19.99 so it's good to order in bulk.

PetShopBowl very kindly sent us a box of goodies for our two cats Harvey and Tigger and our dog Shortie to try out. We were very impressed with the service as they sent out an email to us to tell us when to expect our delivery. We also liked the fact that they boxed our goodies in a re-used box. We are all for recycling and now we have recycled the box too. Here is a picture of the goodies we were sent.

Here is what we thought of the products:


For the cats, Harvey and Tigger, we received six tins of Almo Nature Legend Cat Food in three different flavours; salmon, mackerel and chicken with cheese. To say they loved it is an understatement. They have never tried this food before and when we opened the first tin of Salmon, we were surprised to find that it didn't look like it was made for animals, it looked good enough for people to eat (not that Harvey or Tigger would give us a chance to try).  It didn't take long for them to eat the whole tin between them and they licked every last bit out of their bowls.

Our cats usually eat dry food during the day and then have a little bit of wet food in the evening. These were real treats and at 85p a tin we think it is well worth it especially as they loved it so much. We will definitely be looking at trying some of the other flavours with them soon.

For the dog, Shortie, we received six cartons of Almo Nature Daily Menu Food in three different flavours of tuna with rice, tuna with swordfish and chicken and turkey. We were surprised by the packaging as we have never seen wet dog food in cartons before but they were very easy to open (there are instructions on the top of each carton to show you how).  The food contains no preservatives or colourings and only contains top quality meat and meat-by-products/fish and fish by-products. Shortie was very excited to try this new food as he could smell it as soon as the carton was opened. The texture was nice, it wasn't sloppy or full of jelly or gravy like some foods; it was full of meat which Shortie really enjoyed.

Shortie usually has dry food with a bit of wet food on the top, so we only gave him a few spoonfuls from the carton and it was easy to store the rest in the fridge for the next day. This food is currently on special offer from PetShopBowl at just 90p a carton (usual price £1.20) which is excellent value considering the quality of the food.

We felt that Almo Nature was a high quality product that we wouldn't normally have picked up to try but because our pets enjoyed it so much we can see ourselves buying it in the future for treats alongside their regular food.


For Shortie we received a Kong Toy. This is a rubber toy which you can put treats in and then the dog has to work and play to get the treat out. You can use any sort of treat or fill it with peanut butter or pate style spreads. We decided to put some of Shortie's favourite treats (sausages) inside the Kong which worked well as they wedged in easily. We think big treats work better because small treats will fall out too easily without much effort and not be much of a challenge for the dog. 

We have never given Shortie a toy like this before and we are not sure what his previous owners would have given him. At first he was confused and didn't really understand what it was all about. Once he realised there was sausages in there he started to play with it a bit and try to get them out. As I write this he has managed to get half the sausages out but the rest are still in there and he has hidden it under his pillow for later. He does look like he has stopped playing with it now but every now and again he goes back and licks it trying to get the sausages out.

For the cats we received a Jolly Moggy Laser toy. The toy came with batteries and includes a clip to attach it to your belt or keyring. We know that are cats enjoy playing with laser toys as we've had some before but with this one we were really impressed with the range; even in sunlight we could stand at one side of the house and see clearly and brightly the red dot on the other side of the house. Our cats enjoy chasing the light around the house (providing Shortie is no where near them because he wants to get involved but doesn't really understand what is going on). 


For Shortie we received some Lily's Kitchen Rise & Shine treats. We received beef liver and fresh carrots with botanical herbs flavour. Shortie really liked these treats which according to the box are 100% natural and good for his teeth and coat. I haven't seen this brand before in the supermarket so it was nice for him to try something different. 

For the cats we received chicken flavoured Dreamies. We have given the cats these before and they are definitely one of the cats favourite treats. 

Thank you to for sending us these great products for testing and if the animals could say thank you too they would. 


  1. Great Bligh great products from Amanda Rostron jackrussell sandy will love these

  2. Sounds great - I'll have to check it out for my two dogs Loki & Boo! (& maybe for my chincilla & bearded dragon too!) :)

    Jen xx

    1. Wow you have some great pets. PetShopBowl run a great service.

  3. Great review thanks! I will have to check them out to treat my little chihuahua!

  4. Thanks for the information and review. We do like to treat our pets. I was wondering why you feed your pets dry food. Whilst you also mention that you also give them wet food.

    Toys for pets are great, as keeps them active and curious. Whilst they have fun, encourages interaction with owner.

    Rachel Craig

    1. Hi Rachel. For Shortie (the dog) I feed him dry food twice a day. He is an 11 year old rescue dog and has come to us with very bad teeth. Bath Cats and Dogs home was feeding him the dry food with a little bit of wet mixed in so we carried on. Basically Shortie wouldn't eat the dry food without a bit of the wet mixed in.

      For the cats we give them dry food during the day so they can eat as and when they like, again I've been told dry food is good for their teeth. In the evening we give them a little wet food as a treat.

      Our pets love the toys. Shortie is very funny he won't play with a ball in the park but as soon as you get a ball out in the house he plays with it. :-)

  5. Thanks for the review, I hadn't heard of this website before. It looks very good and I like the fact that if you spend £20 it's free delivery.

    1. Yep it's a great offer. Thanks for reading.

  6. Pam Francis Gregory8 August 2014 at 13:30

    Great review - Thanks

  7. I love my Cats, currently 8 rescue and fosters. Pet Shop Bowl is a good site, I follow their FB page. Havent got around to ordering pet supplies online yet, but it would save my arms as cat litter weights alot!

  8. Some interesting things on there. We've got a dog and 2 cats. Plus my sis (in the USA) has 2 rescue dogs of her own and dog-sits in her own home. She's also just been accepted as a "foster" Mum for dogs as well. :)