Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Trip to Ludlow Dog Day

On Sunday Neil's parents Bonnie and Dave kindly took us to the first Ludlow dog day at the beautiful Stokesay Court. My main reason for going was because I run Jules Hudson Fans (Jules is a TV presenter on Escape To The Country and Countryfile) on Twitter and Facebook and I knew Jules was there to open the show and spending some time there so I wanted to pop along to say hello and to get some pictures of him for the group. 

So we set out at 10am to get there for around 11am but sadly on the way a cyclist had collapsed in the middle of the road to Ludlow and the air ambulance was there so we couldn't get passed. We waited in the queue of traffic for some time before deciding to turn around and go back on ourselves and find another route so we didn't end up arriving at the show until just after midday. I really hope the cyclist is feeling better now. When we arrived and parked as I was getting out of the car I could hear Jules speaking to everyone over the speakers but by the time we got up to the main area he had finished. 

Stokesay Court is a beautiful setting with lovely gardens. The house was used as an Auxiliary Military Hospital in World War I and in recent years was used as a location for the film Atonement.  

Stokesay Court - Picture taken by Andrea Lawry of Paws Galore Grooming

It was a very warm day when we got there and our dog Shortie was very hot but the organisers of the day had a fresh supply of water for the dogs in many places around the show with regular top ups as well which was brilliant (even though I did have a bottle of water with me for Shortie too). I have never seen so many dogs in one place before. The show was packed, I did hear someone say that over 4000 people attended. A few of my friends from the Jules Hudson Fans Facebook group were at the show as well. Hilary and Philippa had come from Wales to see Jules and to meet up. Luckily I had their phone numbers so it wasn't long before I found them. Philippa knew where Jules was so we went over to him and his partner Tania to say hello. When Jules saw me he put his arm around me and I gave him a little kiss on the cheek. I had last seen him in April so it was good to see him again and he looked great. Lots of people kept coming up to him for autographs and pictures and I have to say I felt like a very proud fan. Jules is such a lovely person, a very talented tv presenter and very easy to talk to. 

Not long after I had arrived Jules had entered his black Labrador, Iolo into the fastest sausage eating competition. Us fans watched and cheered them on but Iolo was more interested in all the dogs around him than the sausages so they were out in the first round. I was going to enter Shortie in the Vintage dogs category but because we arrived a little late we missed it. 

Jules and Iolo in the fastest sausage eater competition
After Jules and Iolo finished we got to chat to Jules for a few minutes and have our pictures with him. Here they are: 

Me, Jules, Philippa and Hilary

Me, Shortie and Jules 
Afterwards Jules went off with some friends for awhile so we went and sat in the sandwich area which was in the shelter so our dogs could cool off and we could have a chat. It was great to chat to Philippa and Hilary about Jules and other things. It's amazing because we would never have met if it hadn't been thanks to our mutual appreciation of Jules. I have made many friends within the Facebook group and I am really looking forward to our big meet up with Jules in London in September. It's going to be great fun. 

Jules popped over to our table for awhile later in the afternoon and we had a little chat before he had to go off and judge the "Prettiest Bitch" category which had about 100 dogs in. 

Jules on our table 
Poor Jules I took quite a few pictures of him but I like to get them for people on the group who can't come along so they can get a feeling of the day.
Also at the dog day there was some incredible displays including the Paws For Thought Dog Display Team whose dogs jumped through the fire. Amazing! 

Paws For Thought Dog Display Team - Picture taken by Andrea Lawry of Paws Galore Grooming
It was such a great day, with great stalls, food, drink and a brilliant band playing too. The organisers, the Rotary Club of Ludlow and owners of  Stokesay Court made it such a great day and I hope they raised lots of money for their chosen charities. 

This is one of my favourite pictures from the day of Jules with his dog Iolo. It's the first time I met Iolo and he is such a lovely boy. 

Jules and Iolo

Thanks to Jules for being so lovely and letting me take lots of pictures of him for the group. Thanks to all at Stokesay Court. Thanks to Bonnie and Dave for taking us. It was a brilliant day!

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