Monday, 28 July 2014

Wins Of The Week - 28th July 2014

I am late with this weeks wins of the week again due to bad fatigue yesterday. Feeling a lot better today though so here are the prizes I received this week. 

Competition prize win number 1128: A X-Men: Days of Future Past goody bag (not sure where it came from as there was no note inside) which included a t-shirt, a light up frisbee, a keyring and a notebook. Neil has already claimed the t-shirt. 

Competition prize win number 1129: A personalised razor from Wilkinson Sword. I entered the competition on the Wilkinson Sword facebook page quite awhile ago. I am glad I entered as it's a really nice prize and it has Neil's name on it so another for him. 

Competition prize win number 1130: A complete set of Moshi Monster Moshlings series 10 which I won from Jacintaz3's blog. My niece Lilly has already claimed these. They are really cute. I especially like the toast one. 

Competition prize win number 1131: A box of Really Rotten Experiments. This is a win for Lilly as it was entered in her name from National Geographic Kids Magazine so when I go down to Bath in a few weeks time I will be taking it with me for her. She is going to love this as she likes doing Science experiments. I won a years subscription to the magazine so I get it every month and enter on her behalf then pass the magazine on to her when I see her so she can read it and have all the posters and everything. It's a great magazine, I actually enjoy having a little read through too and they have lots of competitions every month. I love winning things for Lilly and the other children in my family. 

Competition prize number 1132: And finally my last prize of the week is a box of After Eights which I won from the After Eight facebook page. Yummy! 

That's all for the last week. Don't forget I have a great competition running to win a Cadbury Chocolate Treasure box. Join in the competition here

Why not leave me a comment telling me what you have won over the past week. 

Prizes waiting to arrive
Case of Magners cider from Magners
Hobgoblin Tankard from Hobgoblin
Football Mascot
£50 John Lewis Vouchers from 888ladies
Downhill DVD from
Age Defy shampoo and conditioner from Supersavvyme
Boost - Pink Lemonade from Boost
Mario Party: Island Tour for 3DS from Lilla Loves Blog
£250 kids Joules Clothes from Kiddycharts
Budweiser smart phone cover from Budweiser
Eye-Fi Memory Card from Mummy To Max blog
Encore Dog Pate from Encore Dog
Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses from J20 


  1. i never enter competitions anymore but i feel inspired to enter loads now after seeing how many you've won - well done! :)

    L x // bloglovin'

    1. You should deffo enter. Got to be in it to win it! Good Luck x

  2. God! Won a food processor and a pair of headphones this week! Almost fainted with the shock! It's been a while since a WEM!!!

    1. Yay! Brill! Well done! I wondered if you had won this week! Fab! Good Luck for this week too :-)

  3. Haha - I won 2 of your wins as well - the Series 10 complete set have gone down brilliantly with my sons - The Moshis are riding around the (toy) police cars, fire engines and sports cars!!!
    I also got the razor with my name on it - yet to try it
    (Spencer Broadley)

  4. Well done! You have some nice pending prizes there too. No wins for me this week, but there's still time!

    1. Good Luck with the comps. Hope you win soon x

  5. Well Done, I find some weeks are really successful, then other weeks are really sparse, it's so exciting when you win though, isn't it!

  6. Awesome stuff, boys will live the super hero stuff

  7. It's such a great feeling when you win something - I'm obsessed with this hobby now.