Monday, 7 July 2014

Wins Of The Week - 7th July 2014

I have some really lovely little wins this week. Here they are:

Competition prize win number 1117:  I received a surprise win from What's In My Handbag of a King Of Shaves razor. I think it's for men but I am thinking of using it for my legs. Either that or I will give it to my fiancĂ© as a little present. The razor comes with a Hyperglide cartridge which creates it's own HydroGel when it comes into contact with water so you don't need to use anything with it just water. 

Competition prize win number 1118: I received a copy of Angry Birds Toons - Season 1 - Volume Two on dvd from Mum of 3 Boys Blog. There are 26 mini-episodes from the cartoon. I think my nieces and nephews will love this prize.  

Competition prize win number 1119:  A wonderful book called "Call Me Sister" by Jane Yeadon. I won this from Black & White Publishing on twitter. The book contains District Nursing Tales from the swinging Sixties. I am really looking forward to reading this one. 

Competition prize win number 1120: I received a really lovely denim union flag Jack Jones dog from House of Fraser on twitter. Shortie decided to sit next to him for the photo. I think he likes him but he isn't having him. 

Competition prize win number 1121: The last prize I received this week was this fab Moy Park Fifa World Cup football. I also received a replacement ball from Coca Cola. I think Neil and I might head to the park over the summer and kick a few balls. I used to love playing football in my teens. It's really weird that I am right handed but I am left footed when it comes to football. My right leg isn't very strong for kicking and feels uncomfortable. 

Why not leave me a comment with what you have won this week. 

Good luck to everyone who enters competitions in the coming week. Hope you win some great prizes. 

Prizes waiting to arrive: 
Case of Magners cider from Magners 
A complete set of series 10 Moshi monsters from Jacintaz3 blog
Hobgoblin Tankard from Hobgoblin
Football Mascot
£50 John Lewis Voucher from 888ladies
Downhill DVD from
Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner from Supersavvyme
Box of After Eights from After Eights
1 x Boost - Pink Lemonade from Boost
Stalingrad Blu-ray from The Hollywood News
Higgidy Quiche from Higgidy
Steve's Leaves from Higgidy


  1. Well done on winning all of that! You seem to win quite a lot!! x

  2. Still nothing for me - 7 months now! Even though I'm entering more and more!

    1. Awww William. Do you enter for small prizes too? I hope your luck changes soon x

  3. Wow, great wins!! I love the little dog from House of Fraser, it is adorable.
    I used to comp last year, but just started again in July :)

    1. Thanks. Good Luck with the comps. The dog is so cute :-)

  4. Wow! Well done on your wins....Quite a few there :)

  5. Well done on your wins.

    I don't know how you do it Ellen, an inspiration to us all.

  6. Well done hun, I won a lovely hamper & a book from a Facebook competition. Hampers arrived & it's full of scrumptious goodies including one of my favourites fudge!