Saturday, 16 August 2014

Depression and Celebrities : RIP Robin Williams

With the sad passing of Robin Williams this week it made me think about the amount of famous people who die before their time. You would think famous people would be happy as they have money, big houses and have so many people who support them and their work but it's not as simple as that. Money doesn't bring happiness. Fame doesn't bring happiness. Fame and fortune doesn't stop depression. In this day and age so many people aspire to be famous, just look at the amount of people who apply for shows such as Big Brother, Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor. It's cool to be famous. So why do so many celebrities turn to drugs and alcohol? do they think they are invincible? or is it to block out thoughts and feelings? As I have written before I have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was young but never have I felt the need or urge to turn to unprescribed drugs or huge amounts of alcohol. The thought of taking a drug that I don't know what it does to my body would scare me so much.

Lots of celebrities have a lot to live for; money, beautiful houses, children. Take Peaches Geldof she had what most people would think is an ideal life so why did she overdose on drugs? Her mum died when she was young. You would think that she would want to protect her children from having to go through something like that. So what went wrong?

Maybe I am coming across as a little unsympathetic which I don't mean to be. The fact is these celebrities are dying young because they are unhappy and have depression/mental health issues. I just wish I knew why they felt they couldn't seek help. In this day and age no one should feel the need to suffer alone with mental health problems. It really is time we spoke out about mental health. I have had issues since I was young and addressed them when I was around 18 or 20 and with the help I have been able to overcome some of the problems. I have off days still but for me it has helped to speak about my mental health problems. It's hard to talk because you think no one will understand but once you get talking to people you realise how many people have been through similar problems. I wrote my depression post back in May which was hard to write but I did it in the hope that if someone else was suffering that they would know they are not alone and that there is help out there. Never feel alone.

I recently watched the autopsy programs on Channel 5 and in most of the episodes I was so surprised by the amount of unprescribed drugs celebrities take for example Michael Jackson was on a saline drip with allsorts of medication going into his body. It was really shocking to watch. He had so much talent and again died from pumping too many drugs into his body.

With the way we are so engrossed in celebrities right now it's time that some of these celebrities who have suffered from mental health issues to come forward and share their stories. They will help people far more than my blog because people take so much notice of celebrities. I really admire celebrities such as Stephen Fry who spoke out a few years ago about his depression. When he spoke out no one would have guessed he suffered and it shocked people but depression affects so many people. No one can say they will never suffer at some point in their life. I really admire Stephen for being so brave. I wish more celebrities were as brave as him to speak out and share their experiences.

What I think I am trying to say in this post is that fame and money can't stop someone from suffering from depression. Depression isn't just about feeling down and crying it's feeling mentally tortured in every waking hour. If you broke your leg you would see the break but with depression you can't see inside someones head. It can happen to anyone at any point in their life and I don't think you really fully understand it unless you have been through it but if you know someone suffering please try and help them and try to understand that it's not their fault they feel/say or do the things they do. If you are suffering please seek help and most importantly know that you are not alone, the doctors are there to help and they have heard it all before no matter how much you feel like you are the only one suffering.

On 11th August the world lost a comic genius who brought a lot of laughter and joy into the lives of many through his various roles in film and on TV. We may never know what he was going through, and what made him chose to take his own life. All we can do is remember the smiles and joy he brought us; the way he lived rather than the way he died. My sympathies go out to his family. Rest in peace Robin Williams.

Links to charities that can help:

Mental Health Foundation


  1. a lovely thoughtful post Ellen, I have just been diagnosed with depression this week, been just under the surface for years. but most people see me as a bubbly coping person when inside everything has just turned into a great big black hole

  2. Seems that whatever is causing anxiety, depression etc is what needs to be addressed. We seem to want to feel good, when life is not always good. Thankfully it seems youngsters are being educated / informed in regards to the variety of feelings / emotions. We need to consider healthy ways of dealing with life. Being Compassionate, Caring etc of each other.

    Mis-use of drugs is it self medicating for the troubles / discomforts of life?? As some say that it is a reason, whilst it is also said that drug mi-use can lead to mental ill health, emotional difficulties, financial difficulties, problems within communities etc.

    Assertiveness :- Your ok. I'm ok. Seems to encourage acceptance of self and others. Rather than the opposite :- Judgemental, Self-centred, Self-absorbed, Selfish.

    Rachel Craig

    Rachel Craig

  3. Robin William's loss is a trgic loss. He was a wonderful entertainer. Maybe lessons will be learnt which will be beneficial / supportive for individuals in similar circumstances in the future. Quality of life is important. Whilst individuals are important to the community etc. Robin Williams was an asset which has sadly gone, I remember him and his work (films etc) fondly.

    Rachel Craig

  4. depression is a terrible thing, only someone who has either suffered from it or has been close to someone who has suffered it can fully understand the true impact of this awful, misunderstood condition. I feel for anyone having to deal with it.

  5. This made me so sad, depression is awful and it just goes to show it affects all walks of life :(

  6. I quite enjoyed reading this. It brings me back to when I was battling my depression. I was actually in group therapy the time he passed. I would love if you took a peek at my blog post. I would love if you shared it. The more awareness the better for mental health. Something that needs to be faked about more often.