Friday, 15 August 2014

Family Fun

This week I have been down in Midsomer Norton in Somerset visiting my Mum, my sister Anna and my niece Lilly. Also seen my dad too. It's been such a fun week. 

On the way down from Kidderminster to Midsomer Norton we stopped off in Longwell Green in Bristol and my sister found a coke bottle with  my name on. I was chuffed as I had looked in Kidderminster and couldn't find any. The next day I received an email from ASOS to say I have won a personalised diet coke bottle with crystals on, a personalised t-shirt and a necklace. I was so chuffed and asked for Webkin to be put on them only to be told I couldn't have the name because Diet Coke wouldn't let me. I presume it's because of the toys Webkinz or something like that which is a shame considering that Webkin has been my nickname for way over 20 years so I am having Ellen put on them. Still a lovely prize to win. 

Me with my coke bottle

I spent quite a lot of time at Mum's house with Lilly as Anna was working a bit. We had great fun playing on the computer, Nintendo 3DS (mostly Tomodachi Life) and making loom bands. I am going to do a bigger post about loom bands and a little competition when I get back to Kidderminster so look out for that. 

Me with my niece Lilly
Me with Mum

Loom bands I made 
My mum has a membership to use a swimming pool at a local hotel here in Midsomer Norton so we went swimming one of the days. I packed the wrong swimming costume so it was a bit tight but we still had a great time. Lilly's swimming has improved so much. When we started going there a year ago she couldn't swim at all. Now she can swim to the deep end and jump in. She got her first swimming badge from school at the end of term so we went and picked it up from the local swimming pool. I am so proud of her. 

Lilly with her first swimming badge and certificate

Back at Mum's house I got to meet her new cat Candy. She is a beautiful cat. She belonged to a couple up the road but they are not around much because they both work full time so she stopped going there and started following mum around her garden. She got very thin so Mum started to feed her and she started to come into the house. Mum's neighbour asked the couple up the road if Mum could keep her as she seems to have moved herself in and they said yes as long as she is happy which she is. She is such a sweet cat and loves living here. 

Candy relaxing in the garden.

We also had a chance to go and do a bit of geocaching. For people who don't know geocaching is a bit like a treasure hunt where you search for the cache with a GPS and clues. For more information see my post from last time I was down here (Midsomer Norton - Geocaching). The first one we searched for was here in Midsomer Norton. The clue was "Can't see the wood for the trees" we looked around a bit on the floor near these small trees and couldn't find anything. It started to rain so we went under the trees. I happened to look up and  I saw this piece of wood just hanging from a small tree that didn't look quite right. Lilly went up to have a look and it was the cache. Lilly absolutely loves geocaching, it's so fun for kids and gets them outdoors.  

Anna and Lilly out geocaching
Lilly with the cache

The second geocache Lilly and I found together as Anna was at work. It took us awhile. It was on a trip into Oldfield Park, Bath where I used to live before I moved to Kidderminster. We went and looked around the charity shops in Moorland Road but had a little time to spare whilst Mum was at the doctors so we went to look for the cache. The cache was called Oldfield Park Helipad and the clue was H. I lived in Oldfield Park for about 8 or so years and wasn't aware of a helipad. The picture on the cache page was of a helipad so we really thought that was what we was looking for. We even asked a guy in a garden who lived at the location of the cache and he didn't have a clue about a helipad. Anyway we looked back at other people's comments about finding the cache on the geocaching app on my mobile phone. Then we spotted a letter H sign on a telephone cable box at the end of the street. Lilly looked around the back of the box and nothing was there. My phone rang and it was mum ringing to tell me that she had finished in the doctors. I turned around to see Lilly peeling the H off the box which I wasn't sure was supposed to happen but when she did we realised we had found it. Basically the helipad was a magnetic H that covered the H sign and everyone wrote on the back of it to say they found it. Such a clever and funny cache. I was so pleased we found it and it added to our total of 42 caches. 

Lilly with the "H" pad cache.
We had such a fun week. One of the highlights of the week was seeing a sneak preview of Lilly's carnival performance with the poms for her majorettes. She is so good at it and full of confidence. I am hoping I can get down for the Midsomer Norton carnival in November to see her with her troupe.  I am so proud of her. She is starting to really grow up now. I can't believe she will be nine in September. We are all such a close family. I really miss everyone down here when I am back home but whilst I am down here I also miss Neil and the animals. I said goodbye to Lilly yesterday which was a bit emotional as she cried which I hate seeing but she was fine a little while after. Tomorrow evening I am going to my dad's so will be saying goodbye to Mum and then on Sunday I will be going back to Kidderminster to my boy and fur babies. 

I have had a fab break. I love my family so much and I know I will be back to see them all again soon. 

Lilly practising with her baton

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  1. i love some of the things that you have made with these loom bands