Saturday, 9 August 2014

Home Is Where The Heart Is

This week I am down in Midsomer Norton, Somerset visiting my family and it got me thinking about the word "home".  I use the word quite often but I have at least three places that I call home depending on who I am talking to. Here are my homes not in any order of importance, all of them are just as much home as the other. 

Home 1 - Bath

City of Bath from Alexandra Park

I was born in Bath, Somerset and spent my first thirty three years of my life living in the beautiful city. We did move from one side of Bath to the other during my twenties but we still lived in Bath with the main city centre as our town. As a child I thought I would never leave Bath mostly because it was where all my main family lived, my mum, dad, sister and Nan. I am proud to be from Bath and it will always be home because of all the memories made there and knowing the areas and town so well. When I go to Bath I feel like I am home but because none of my family live there any more it's not somewhere I go to as often. However when people in Kidderminster ask me where I have come from because of my accent my answer will always be Bath. 

Home 2 - Where My Mum Lives

Me with my sister Anna, Mum and niece Lilly

When I am in Kidderminster and I miss home it's more about missing my family rather than thinking of a certain place. I am very close to my family and in particular my mum. We chat to each other twice a day on the phone. She is like a best friend to me. I miss my dad, sister and niece too. For me going home is returning to the nest, to my mum. Right now my mum, sister and niece live down the same road in Midsomer Norton with my dad living in Trowbridge (about 10 miles or so away). So when I am down here visiting I get to see everyone. It's great to be with them all again as I miss them a lot when I am up in Kidderminster but 70 miles or so isn't too far really when you think about it. 

Home 3 - With Neil and my fur babies in Kidderminster

Me and Neil

It took me over a year to call Kidderminster, Worcestershire "home" but now I am really settled there and when I am here in Midsomer Norton I do miss Neil, Shortie, Tiggs and Harv. I keep in regular contact with Neil. It was hard moving from Bath to Kidderminster especially as I didn't know anyone but Neil but now I have made friends with a few people, mostly thanks to Shortie (when you have a dog you get to chat to so many other dog walking people), I feel more like at home. I know my way around the city centre but most of all it's where the love of my life Neil lives and I would go anywhere to be with him. 

To me home really is where the heart is. It's not really about the place as such but about the people you love and the memories you make through your life. 


  1. I thinkve Bath. I lived there for a few years in my twenties and my husband is from there so we visit a lot. All hubby's family is still there so it feels like home for me as well. Hopefully we can afford to retire there as certainly cant afford to stay there as a family just now!

  2. i agree home is where the heart is :D

  3. Fab post, Ive moved about 16 times in my 24 yrs of life and the only real home to me is my mums house.

  4. iv moved so many times, longest iv ever lived in a home is 4 years, iv moved out of my home town of rugby and always seem to come home.

  5. I'm near you in Gloucestershire! Have moved house about 15 times in my life and I've decided never, ever again now!