Sunday, 17 August 2014

Wins Of The Week - 17th August 2014

I didn't manage to record my wins last weekend because I was away visiting my family. I am back home now and only have three wins to record from the past two weeks and here they are:

Competition prize win number 1142: I won a lovely 100ml bottle of Penhaligon's Malabah perfume. It smell's amazing. I won this prize from the Penhaligon's facebook page where they run regular competitions. Such a lovely prize. 

Competition prize win number 1143: A pack of Dogs Delight sticks treats from Webbox Pet Food on twitter. Shortie is looking forward to trying these, though might have to give him half a stick as they are for large dog. 

Competition prize win number 1144: I received a surprise win from Female First of a Miranda Lambert - Platinum CD. I am listening to it as I write this. Miranda is a country singer and she is really good. The music is really catchy. I always like winning albums as I probably wouldn't have picked this up in the shop but now I have heard it I really like it. 

And that's my prizes from the last three wins. Look out for a new loom bands competition coming up on my blog later in the week.

Prizes waiting to arrive: 
Football Mascot
£50 John Lewis voucher from 888Ladies
Age Defy Shampoo/Conditioner from SuperSavvyMe
Boost Pink Lemonade from Boost
Boost Citrus Zing from Boost
Box of Weetabix signed by Mo Farah from Weetabix
Fido statue from PocketGamer
Prize from the Happy Egg Company
Models Own Make up set from Echo Falls
Diet Coke personalised bottle with name set in crystals, t-shirt and ring-pull necklace from ASOS
Decorative Letter E from EJ Designs.


  1. Wow your list for wins your waiting to arrive is super impressive


    1. Thanks. I love entering competitions and winning prizes for my family x

  2. Ooh nice! I've never tried a Penhaligon's fragrance. Well done on the prizes!

    1. Thanks. It smells lovely. The bottle costs £105 on their site which I personally wouldn't be able to afford so feel very lucky to have won one.

  3. Well Done! I try to enter everything I can, but your list is very impressive!

  4. its great to see what others win too