Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wins Of The Week - 3rd August 2014

Wow it was a busy week last week. I received nine prizes in total. Here they are:

Competition prize win number 1133: Part of my £250 of Joules kids clothes arrived at my sisters. I won this prize from Kiddy Charts. I gave both my sisters £125 each to spend on my nieces and nephew. The rest of the clothes are on the way when they are in stock. I love winning prizes that help out the family and I love Joules clothing.

Competition prize win number 1134: I won an indulgence hamper from Lilla Loves blog. Unfortunately the company sponsoring the competition Viking didn't have the hamper on their page any more so I got to choose an item for £25 from their website. I decided to get Mario Party for the 3DS. My fiance, Neil and I love playing games and it's great because it has download play so you only need one copy of the game so we can both play together. 

Competition prize win number 1135: I won a case of Magners cider in Magners blippar competition. Apparently because they took so long to send the prize out they sent two cases to everyone. Neil is well pleased with this prize especially because I was only expecting 8 bottles. My dad also won a case and he was happy with his too. 

Competition prize win number 1136: I won a copy of Downhill on dvd from The film looks great and funny. 

Competition prize win number 1137: A Budweiser smartphone case from Budweiser's Brazil World Cup mobile app. I believe it's for a iPhone 5. I have an iPhone 4S so it doesn't fit my phone so not sure what I am going to do with it yet. I am sure it will find a home. 

Competition prize win number 1138: I won a really cool pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from J2O on Twitter. To enter you had to send a picture of your summer moment. I sent the picture of me with Jules Hudson and Shortie. I have seen a lot of people win these. They are awesome. 

Competition prize win number 1139: I won some Encore Dog Pate from Encore on Facebook. I actually thought it would just be one pouch of dog food so was surprised to receive five trays in the box. I have already given some to Shortie and he loves it. 

Competition prize win number 1140: A Hobgoblin tankard. I won this awhile back and was really pleased to receive it and Neil has claimed it. 

Competition prize win number 1141: And finally my last win of the week. An Eye-Fi 8GB Memory Card from Mummy To The Max blog. This is a cool win which is a memory card for your camera but it also has Wi-Fi on so you can send your picture straight to the internet.

And that's my haul of the week. Don't forget I have two competitions currently running on my blog they are:

Why not leave me a comment telling me what you won this week. 

Good luck for next week everyone! 

Prizes waiting to arrive: 
Football Mascot
£50 John Lewis voucher from 888Ladies
Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner from SuperSavvyMe
Boost Pink Lemonade from Boost
Boost Citrus Zing from Boost
A Box of Weetabix signed by Mo Farah from Weetabix
Fido Mascot from Pocket Gamer
Malabah Perfume from Penhaligons Ltd. 


  1. I think all of my friends won Ray-Bans from J2O, but I didn't!!! :-/

    1. Awww I think the competition is still on and they are announcing new winners. Seen a few today. Fingers crossed for you

  2. Ooh, I haven't played a DS in a while, I didn't know about download play. That's pretty awesome. Congrat's on your wins! :)

  3. I'm one of the few also that's not won on J20, but I live in hope. You have some lovely wins this week, love the clothing one I'd share it out between the grand children. Fingers crossed we get some good wins this week. xx

    1. Thanks Jaycee. Aww good luck with the J2O comp. Good Luck x

  4. Pam Francis Gregory6 August 2014 at 20:37

    Wow what a haul! Well done