Sunday, 14 September 2014

Wins Of The Week - 14th September 2014

I didn't get around to doing my wins of the week last week so these are my wins from the last two weeks. 

Competition prize win number 1154: A Fido statue. I won this from Pocket Gamer on twitter. I love him but sadly he came with broken legs. He came in a jiffy bag and because his legs are very fragile it wasn't enough for him. I have messaged Pocket Gamer and they are looking in to getting me a replacement. In the meantime Neil is going to try and super-glue them back on. 

Competition prize win number 1155: I won a box of Weetabix signed by the amazing Mo Farah from Weetabix on twitter. For some time now I have collected autographs and have a great collection. I haven't sent off for many recently though as stamps are so expensive. This is a great autograph to have for my collection and Neil is working his way through the Weetabix. 

Competition prize win number 1156: An iPad 4. This is my favourite prize from the two weeks. I am so chuffed I won. It was from The Mascot Vote which was a fun competition where you got to vote for your favourite mascot. I chose Coca Cola's Father Christmas which won in the end. Winning a big prize like an iPad really makes my day and worth the hours and hours of entering competitions. I love this hobby. 

Competition prize win numbers 1157 and 1158: I won a couple of samples on Facebook. I won some ESPA Samples in a spin to win game and a sample of Antonia Burell Moisturiser on their Facebook page. I am sending the ESPA goodies to my sister and keeping the moisturiser for myself. 

Competition prize win number 1159: I won a lovely decorated letter E from EJ Designs on Facebook. Emma who runs the page asked me what colour and design I would like. I told her I would like blue and to leave the design to her. I love it. The colour is my favourite sky blue colour and I love the buttons and gemstones and lovely ribbon the top. 

Competition prize win number 1160: Some Happy Egg Seeds and an activity book. This was on an instant win competition on the Happy Egg Company page. I think I have won about five times so far so I am sure there is more to come to pass on to my nieces and nephews. 

Competition prize win number 1161: I won more Models Own make-up from the Echo Falls instant game. My sister loves all the make up so I am going to send them to her. I always manage to win her mascara. 

Competition prize win number 1162: I won this fab baking hamper from Ora on twitter. I love winning hampers. I haven't seen their kitchen towels before but it looks fab. I really love the wooden spoon the most. 

Competition prize win number 1163: A fab Pom Bear picnic hamper that I won from Made For Mum's. I am sure one of my nieces or nephews will claim the bear. It's a lovely hamper and the rug feels lovely and soft. 

And that's all my wins from the last two weeks. I also have two competitions running on my blog at the moment.

The winner of my Loom bands competition is Angela Williams. Well done Angela, I  have emailed you to claim your prize.

Why not leave me a comment of what you have won in the last two weeks. 

Prizes waiting to arrive: 
Football mascot 
£50 John Lewis voucher from #888ladies
Rubicon backpack from Rubicon. 
Vit Hit Drink from Vithit
Chicago Town Pizza voucher from Chicago Town
Love Punch Blu-ray from justcompetitions
Voodoo Cushion from Boingy Cushion
Surprise from Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.  


  1. Some great wins, well done! The baking hamper looks lovely :)

  2. Well after my really dry 8 month spell, I finally started winning a few half decent prizes like a food processor and a £100 meat hamper, but then I got an ITV phone call for £21,000 from Secret Dealers!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Just goes to show you have to stick with it!

  3. Some fantastic wins there. My dream to win an Ipad LOL x

  4. i love to see all the wins, well done on them all you sure have won some great things :-)

  5. I love reading about your wins,you win some fab things.I'd love to win an iPad one day :)

  6. Well Done! I love having wins, it's so exciting!