Thursday, 16 October 2014

I'm Looming Mad

This summer my niece introduced me to the craze of looming. Everywhere was selling loom bands so I thought I would give it a go and make a few bracelets which I did a post about before here. Little did I know that I would really enjoy it so much. For anyone who knows me I am not really a very creative/arty/crafty person (my sister is more into it with knitting and sewing) but I find this really relaxing and fun. I have found some great loomers on YouTube who I admire and I follow their tutorials to make lovely little charms. Here are some of my favourites I have made.

My favourite animal in the whole world is the penguin. So I started searching for loom charms and I came across the talented DIY Mommy's Channel and this tutorial to make these cute charms. 

After making these I went on to make a stuffed version (tutorial here). I stuffed him with cotton wool. 

And I also made a penguin pencil topper which is so cool. I might make some of these for my nieces and nephews for Christmas as a cute little gift (tutorial here). 

I also found these great designs of DIY Mommy's Channel - A cute little rubber ducky, he can float but he falls over. I kind of messed up a little bit on the beak. I stuffed this one with loom bands as cotton wool would get all soggy in the water (tutorial here). 

I have a friend who loves Despicable Me so I thought I would try to make her a loom band minion. It turned out pretty well (tutorial here). 

I found this fab Olaf charm on the BestChannel4Kids. Frozen is such a fab film and I wanted to make an Olaf. He didn't turn out bad but I think I made a little mistake somewhere (tutorial here). 

One of my favourite loomers is Kate Schultz of Izzalicious Designs, you can find her youtube channel here. I am still trying to master one of the techniques she uses called Amigurumi crochet but here are some of the loom bands I have made using her tutorials. 

First up this gorgeous Christmas Wreath. It's nice and easy to make and will look great hanging on the tree (tutorial here). 

A few weeks ago I was up all night with a bad cold so I came downstairs and decided to try the move it forward technique to make this amazing union flag design (tutorial here).  

But my favourite design of them all I found on Feelingspiffy's channel and it's this turtle. They are amazing. I have made three so far and given two to friends of mine (tutorial here).

Looming is so much fun. Thanks to the amazing designers out there who put up the tutorials on YouTube.


  1. My girl is still obsessed with Loom bands....I will have to show her your ccreations I'm sure she'll be impressed x

  2. We are mad about loom bans in our house!

  3. I cannot believe how much this craze/hobby has caught on.

  4. The last one is brilliant - I love it! I still haven't had a go with loom bands but I love minions so I'm tempted to try but I'm rubbish with crafts :)

    1. I'm not good at crafts but love looming. The tutorials on youtube are fab. Go for it :-)

  5. Aww I love the Olof and minion ones! I'm rubbish with loom bands so would probably make a right mess if I even attempted to make anything like that!

  6. Theyre really good! My partners mums just got into them too. She gives the bracelets out to pupils at the school she works in. They love them. I don't think I'd have the patience sadly. :(

  7. How clever are you!!
    I had no idea you could create more than bracelets with these!