Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Wins Of The Week - 28th October 2014

Time to update you all on my competition wins from the last couple of weeks. I have started entering more competitions with Christmas coming up though still only getting little wins coming through but a win is a win and they make me or my family happy. Here are my latest prizes: 

Competition prize win number 1172: I won a copy of You Say Potato book by Ben and David Crystal from Gransnet which looks like an interesting book. I find it amazing how accents are so different. When I up here in Kidderminster I sound so different to everyone with my Somerset accent but then when I go back home it's so weird to hear everyone talking like me again. It's amazing that 70 or so miles down the road people have such different accents. 

Competition prize win number 1173: I won an Deluxe Afternoon Tea for Two Voucher on the Zoflora Facebook instant win game. I am not sure where I going to use this as yet as none of the locations are near me or my family but the voucher is valid for a long time so hopefully we will be able to use it. 

Competition prize win number 1174: I also won a £20 John Lewis Voucher on the Zoflora Facebook instant win game. I love winning vouchers and this will be handy to use to buy a few presents for my family for Christmas. 

Competition prize win number 1175: I won a blu-ray copy of Love Punch from Just Competitions.  I love winning films and really look forward to watching it. 

Competition prize win number 1176: I won a dvd of The Search For Simon which looks like a funny sci-fi film. Not sure where I won this one from. 

Competition prize win number 1177: And finally this week I received 12 bottles of Carling cider from a competition Carling ran on twitter. This prize is for Neil who loves cider. 

And that's all my wins that have arrived. Good Luck to everyone entering competitions in the next week or so.

Why not leave me a comment of what you have won in the last couple of weeks.

Prizes waiting to arrive: 
Rubicon Backpack from Rubicon
Vit Hit Drink from Vithit
Jelly Belly Beans prize
iPod Shuffle from Dettol
Football from Capital One
Oculus Blu-ray from DIYMag
The Best of Gershwin CD from Just Competitions. 


  1. great wins! i had a slow september as i had a baby on the 5th and having to deal with her and my 2 year old meant for no comping time. this month ive done quite well and won a fab £250 samsung camera and lots of pricey baby bits! good luck for next week :D

    1. Congratulations on your new arrival and wins. Well done!

  2. Congratulations on your wins. My latest win has never arrived so I think it's got lost in the post. Was really looking forward to it too as it's nail varnishes


    1. awww did you contact the person giving it away? they should replace it if it goes missing. Be lucky.

  3. I've only recently started trying Zoflora. I've always tried to separate my facebook from comping. I'm glad to see you can win. Well done for all your prizes. Including the box of booze, not jealous.

    1. Thanks so much. Some people get annoyed when you post comps on facebook but some of my friends have started comping since seeing me winning on there. Good luck with the comps

  4. Should keep you going for a while.