Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Funky Laser Review

The other day I saw the Coca Cola advert on the telly. I know that it's a vast Americanism to refer to winter as "the holiday season," but it is a reminder that Christmas is no longer sneaking up - it's charging towards us full speed ahead! Of course it's not just Coke, all the supermarkets and department stores are getting in on the act. 

You just have to give in and accept it. Advent is almost here. 

Of course as we get closer and closer to Christmas, we get the party invites; the family dinners and disco dancing... or something like that. To go with the season, you get all the usual mix of hideous jumpers, musical Santa ties and Rudolf headbands. Today though, I'm looking at a nice alternative to adorn you this holiday season. Something that is festive, wearable and tasteful while still remaining quite fun. 

The lovely people at Funky Laser have sent me one of their necklaces to review; and it is ideal for winter as it's one of their glitter reindeer necklaces. 

For those of you who haven't heard of Funky Laser before, they make cool laser-cut jewellery as well as producing custom designs. (Their web-page lists all sorts of things from jewellery through to cake toppers and wedding designs). The glitter reindeer is part of their Christmas offers (other items include a snazzy looking Robin pin, charms and more. 

They also sent me one of their Christmas baubles which you'll see hanging on our tree when December finally hits. 

Anyway, without much further ado, I should start talking about the necklace. The necklace they sent me is the Glitter Reindeer Necklace. As you can see in the photo it has a really nice shape to it; there are shades of the cute little Babycham deer in the design, which takes me back. As a child there used to always be adverts for it this time of year, although now I'm an adult I find myself wondering if anyone else remembers it. (Since being old enough to drink alcohol the brand seems to have disappeared from the shelves or it doesn't seem as popular as it was!) 

The necklace is available in a variety of colours and styles; from solid colour acrylic through to glittered acrylic. I think the one I was sent is a pearled acrylic red. It's a really cool colour and catches the light wonderfully. The design is cut really nicely; for all the shapes and angles in it, it is really nice and smooth. No sharp edges or hard points. They've done a nice job finishing it. The shape, even though it's in outline, is really detailed and does evoke the feeling of a cute and playful reindeer caught mid-spring. 

I definitely will be wearing this to as many Christmas get-togethers, parties and discos as possible. 

If you'd like to get your own reindeer necklace, then there's no better time as they're currently one of the products on offer for Christmas and at time of writing is retailing at £5 in a choice of colours.

Along with the necklace was one of their Christmas baubles. They have four designs of bauble and are currently giving one free with every order until 2015! Ours is of a sweet little robin (the others available are a snowflake, a heart and one with the words "ho ho ho" on it). 

Our bauble came on a solid red acrylic. This is a 2D design like the necklace, and like the necklace is simple but very effective with its design. I don't know if you get a sense of size from the photo, but the bauble is about the size of a Quality Street 'penny toffee' (maybe a tiny bit larger). So comparable to a larger spherical bauble. The detail on the robin is quite nice, with the lines for the feet and beak tapering to a very fine point. 

It's very cute and a very nice freebie! From the photos of the other baubles I can assume that the rest of the designs are just as good. I have been really impressed by the quality of these two items; and browsing Funky Laser's website and Facebook page I can see that these are just the tip of the iceberg. They look the ideal place to go to get something a little bit different of a high quality, whether it is party jewellery or cake decorations or something uniquely custom.


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    1. They are so lovely and so reasonably priced too. Great to wear to Christmas parties.

  2. What a fantastic idea and the prices are really great. They would be brilliant quirky gifts

  3. oh they are pretty and would be great for christmas parties

  4. very cute, custom design sounds great too.

  5. I really like the necklace. It looks a bit too big for me though, as I like wearing very small necklaces :) great review as always x

  6. Such a cute and Christmassy necklace. It suites you very well!