Monday, 1 December 2014

Advents, Shortie and Phillip Schofield

 *** Advents *** 

So here we are at the 1st of December, wow time seems to be flying. Today is a manic day for all compers (people who enter competitions) as there are hundreds of daily competitions all over the internet to enter. The first day is always the hardest because more and more are being added and there are various sites to choose from for the listings. This year I have yet again decided to use Loquax for competitions because the listings are in a nice easy list. You just click on the duck each day when you have entered and it's reset the next day or click on the cross if you don't want to enter the competition ever again and it blanks it out. I looked at other sites but came straight back to Loquax. Even if they miss a few advent competitions there are still plenty to enter and of course it will be nice to do the normal competitions as well too. Good luck to everyone entering competitions this month. I actually received a win through the post today of a Budweiser Christmas it is modelled by my fiancĂ© Neil. 

*** Happy Birthday Shortie ***

Today is a very special day because it is our dog Shortie's 12th birthday. We adopted him from Bath Cats and Dogs Home nearly three years ago. He is a lovely boy and is a very important part of our family. He is still full of energy and enjoy's life to the full. He loves nothing more than walking with his friends. Here is a picture of Shortie enjoying a birthday treat today. 

*** Phillip Schofield's 24 Hour Live TV Marathon ***

Today I have also been watching Phillip Schofield on ITV3 since 11am. As a lot of people know I am a huge fan of Phillip and have been since I was about 8 years old. I even met my fiance Neil through him on twitter (story here). Well today Phillip is doing an amazing 24 hours of live television for Text Santa which is the big annual ITV fundraising event. This year the six charities that the funds are going to is Teenage Cancer Trust, Guide Dogs, WellChild, Alzheimer's Society, Together for Short Lives & Marie Curie Cancer Care. 

I have to say I am so proud to be a fan of Phillip today because he has done so much already and he still has 13 hours to go. Just some of the things he has done so far; been a loose woman, been on the national news, gave us the national weather forecast (which I know he was really nervous about but did brilliantly) and abseiled down the ITV building. He has been so entertaining and is just amazing. 

Phillip has also asked people to send their #Schofies on twitter (pictures of you with Phillip on the tv - here is mine.....I am not good at taking selfies hehe) 

It really is TV bliss watching Phillip on all the time and he is so lush. Wish he was on all day every day. Or that there was a Phillip Schofield channel with repeats of all his old shows including Going Live! and The Movie Game etc. 

Phillip has a JustGiving page where you can donate to Text Santa in support of his great effort. Donate here:

Well done Phillip!!!


  1. wow happy birthday Shortie, I love to hear of the older dog being adopted. We don't know how bad their life was before and can be happy when their senior life is spent being spoilt and being loved very much , I have an older rescue dog and she has been a wonderful addition to our family and I can see that she is so happy and so thankful for what our family has given her,