Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Recent Wins - March 2015

I thought it was time to share another batch of prizes I won. It's funny because I was planning to do this every week but the thing I am finding is I win prizes and then one week I get none arrive and the next week loads arrive all at the same time. So here are my wins since the last update: 

Competition prize win number 1232: I won this fab dog bed from VioVet on their Facebook page. I have won a few beds for the animals in the past but none have really lived up to Shortie's expectations and he always ends up back in his old white fluffy bed. That was until I won this one. As soon as it arrived Shortie was in there. The thing that makes this bed so lovely is that the cushion is removable which Shortie likes because he likes to flump it up. Also the cushion has two different materials. One is softer than the other and that is the one Shortie likes because it's nice and warm but in the summer he will probably like to try the other cooler side. 

Competition prize win number 1233: I won some Jordans Lighter Granola from A Strong Coffee blog. Anyone who knows me well will know that I love cereal. In fact I could eat cereal all day long. So these didn't last two long and were lush!

Competition prize win number 1234: A won a Hobgoblin t-shirt on their instant win competition. I have won these before and they are good quality t-shirts, Neil loves them.

Competition prize win number 1235: I won two Nails Inc nail varnishes from Kinder Bueno's Facebook page. My sister will love these. They are actually special Kinder Bueno shades - Bueno mink and Bueno orange. 

Competition prize win number 1236: I won an advance copy of Bride in Bloom ebook by J.B. Harnett on Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads Facebook page. I haven't read it as yet but I am looking forward to checking it out on my kindle. 

Competition prize win number 1237: I won a Tractor Ted book and DVD from Tractor Ted's Facebook page. I had this prize sent straight to my sister for my nephew Flynn. He loves Tractor Ted.

Competition prize win number 1238: I won a copy of The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance book by Kirsty Greenwood from Good Reads. I love entering the giveaways on Good Reads to win books as reading is one of my favourite hobbies and publishing companies and authors give away a lot of books every day. I just go for the ones I am interested in reading and they run competitions for all sorts of different genre's. I started reading the book last night and I am enjoying it immensely. It's a very funny book so far. It's funny because when I entered the competition I didn't realise  Kirsty is from Novelicious fame. I visit her website quite often. 

Competition prize win number 1239: I won a copy of Dolphin Tale 2 on blu-ray. I have no idea where from as no note came with it but I am sure my niece will love this. 

Competition prize win number 1240; I won £300 Currys/PCWorld vouchers from Ace UK on Facebook. This was on an instant win game. I won a few vouchers for money off their stain remover as I entered every day but I was totally shocked on the last day of the competition when it came up I had won the vouchers. We are going to use them for a new cooker as our's is very old and the knob has fallen off it so Neil has written where he thinks the gas marks are. hehe. So chuffed with this one! Biggest win of the year so far! 

Competition prize win number 1241: My final win for this update is a Atomicron blind bag. I am not sure what they do but this will be one for one of my nephews.

And that's all for now. I haven't won much this week as I have been focussing more on my blog posts. Need to get entering again this evening though.

What have you won recently? 

Good Luck to everyone entering competitions. 

Prizes I am waiting to arrive: 
Scar Tissue on DVD from Saga
Thornton's Chocolate Hamper from Two Big Ladies
Purrfect Box from Krystel Courture blog
Fury goody bag from Flicks In The City 
Girls Will Be Girls book from Good Reads
The Traitor's Mark book from The Crime Vault 


  1. Nada....nothing....not a dickie not unusual wins are very like buses

    1. Awww Good Luck with the comps....and you are right. You got to keep at it to win :-)

  2. Yet another long dry spell for me, except for a £20 instant win on the Peachy Facebook page....

    1. awww I have been entering Peachy one too...nothing there. Well done on your win and good luck x

  3. Wow, what a haul, you are very lucky. I haven't won anything recently. Well done.

  4. Had a week (a fortnight ago) where I won Feather Pillows, Cold Press Drinks, Bed Head Hair products, Totes Slippers, a Rosie Loves bag for the granddaughter and a Dressed Down t-shirt, followed by a week of nothing. Then yesterday heard I've won The Hungry Caterpillar cutlery and food boxes.It seems to be all or nothing here but for me, who's retired it's a fabulous hobby.

  5. your doing great hun, I have to admit to doing well so far this year too and march is defiantly the best month i have had since starting this hobby

  6. Pam Francis Gregory29 March 2015 at 10:20

    A couple of small things but till very welcome!