Monday, 16 March 2015

Shortie Has A Hair Cut

Yesterday our dog Shortie had a well overdue hair cut. Shortie is a Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle. We tried to leave it for as long as possible because of the winter we didn't want him getting too cold but his hair was quite thin and it kind of sticks together so we could still see his skin and we always put him in his coats in the colder weather. He also had a few matted little clumps which were driving me mad especially in his beard. We knew it was time for him to be groomed. 

Here is the picture of Shortie before his hair cut: 

So we took him to the lovely ladies at The Groom Room at Pets at Home here in Kidderminster who gave him the full works including hair cut, nails and teeth and here is what he came home like. 

I am so impressed with the service and Shortie looks like a different dog, in fact people say he looks like a puppy now when in actual fact he is 12 years old. He is running around more in the park and seems to be be a lot happier and so are we...though Neil says Shortie's head looks like one of those old fashioned telephones hehe.  

This gives him enough time to get a little bit scruffy again for the next fun dog show at a local park here in Kidderminster as he always gets entered into the scruffiest dog category. For now though we are enjoying looking at our very cute dog.  


  1. shortie is a real beaut looks like a puppy his lovely :)

    1. Thanks - he is such a lovely boy. He gets a bit grumpy with puppies now he is older but for the most part he is good. I adopted him nearly 3 years ago from Bath Cats and Dogs Home. :-)