Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Wins Of The Year So Far

I haven't kept up to date with my wins of the week posts recently due to health issues and family time. I don't know if other compers have been the same but I find I seem to be winning less at the moment especially on Twitter. I guess there are more people entering competitions. Still I have had some lovely wins so here is the best ones of the year so far and then below I will list other wins I have received since I last update in November last year. I hope to get back into posting my wins of the week again (that's if I win enough to post!) 

Competition prize win number 1213: On the last day of last year I received this amazing Garmin Fitness band which I won from Maplin on twitter. Ever since it arrived I have been using it. As some people know I suffer from fatigue, this band has helped me so much because it shows how many steps I have done each day and how many miles I have walked. I also wear it to bed too and it records your sleep quality. I have noticed that I do fidget around a lot during the night. I love the band and I hope to continue using it through the summer when I hope to get out and exercising more with the dog especially as I have put on over a stone in weight in the last year and I am finding it so very hard to shift it. 

Competition prize win number 1215: I won a Christmas Pawsome box for my dog Shortie from A Spaniels Tail blog. I love winning prizes for my pets. Shortie really loved the chicken fillets the best. He has played with a few of the toys. As he is a bit older now (12 years old) he has his favourite toys so some of them I am going to give to my friend who has 7 dogs (including 3 puppies). 

Competition prize win number 1218: I won an amazing Christmas Hamper from Woman and Home. I find some competitions very odd sometimes in the fact that some sites offer Christmas Hampers etc to win but the closing date is after Christmas. This competition closed in November but I wasn't informed I had won until January. The hamper arrived after having to have it delivered to my friends house as I was away visiting family and it arrived on the day I got back. Such an amazing prize filled with lots of alcohol, condiments, chocolate, biscuits, Christmas cake and pudding and meat. Sadly some of the meat was out of date when it arrived. 

The selection of wines etc
Chocolates, cakes and goodies

Competition prize win number 1224: I won an amazing £150 Joshua James Jewellery Voucher from The LDN Diaries. My fiance Neil and I have been together for nearly 6 years and been engaged for nearly 4 of those years so we thought it might be a nice idea to get wedding rings with the voucher. So hopefully we will find some nice rings with the voucher. 

Competition prize win number 1230: I won on the Magners Blippar competition. The prize was a pair of Hunter wellies however they send it in the form of a £95 Schuh voucher which is great for me. As I have big calves a lot of wellies don't fit me so I am going to use the voucher to get some more trainers as I wear them pretty much all the time. I will probably get Skechers trainers as I know they fit well and I love them. 

Other prize that have arrived since last update: 

Win 1191 - A football
Win 1192 - Trust In Me book by Sophie Mckenzie
Win 1193 - YOU Homecare cleaning goodies
Win 1194 - Anatomicals goodies
Win 1195 - Q Pootle 5 dvd
Win 1196 - Biscuiteers book
Win 1197 - Disco ball bracelet
Win 1198 - 5 x Frijj vouchers
Win 1199 - 2 x Emmi Caffe Latte Vouchers
Win 1200 - Misfire dvd
Win 1201 - Stockans Oatcakes goodies
Win 1202 - £20 Nintendo eShop credit
Win 1203 - £10 Amazon voucher
Win 1204 - Sandy dog from Annie Movie
Win 1205 - Yazoo Dinosaur t-shirt
Win 1206 - Yazoo Cup
Win 1207 - Budweiser Xmas Jumper
Win 1208 - iPod Shuffle
Win 1209 - Logo Grab game
Win 1210 - Molton Brown giftset
Win 1211 - Sony headphones
Win 1212 - Tub of Cadbury Heroes
Win 1214 - Magner Beanie Hats
Win 1216 - North Face gloves
Win 1217 - Cushelle Koala
Win 1219 - Harvester Chicken Dinner
Win 1220 - Prince Of Darkness blu-ray
Win 1221 - Fingers & Tongues book
Win 1222 - Bluebeard Revenge gift set
Win 1223 - £10 Amazon voucher
Win 1225 - The Equalizer dvd
Win 1226 - Heart bowl and ladle
Win 1227 - My Little Pony dvd
Win 1228 - Looking Season 1 dvd
Win 1229 - The Best of Me dvd
Win 1231 - Whole Earths 3nut butter and pancakes.

And that is all my wins since my last update. I also have a competition running on my blog at the moment so be sure to enter.

Good Luck to everyone entering competitions over the next week.

Why not leave me a comment of your favourite wins of the year so far?

Prizes I am waiting to arrive:
2 x Nail Varnish from Kinder Bueno
Scar Tissue dvd from Saga
Thorntons Hamper from Two Big Ladies
Purrfect Box from Krystel Courture


  1. Its was a quiet start to year for me too on the win front. Theres a lot more people entering now, ive joined a couple of compers clubs on facebook and twitter, so i think theres more people seeing what im entering and my odds are lower as they are entering too. but i guess it works both ways, as im seeing new comps to enter, so my new friends are prob feeling the same. ive noticed a lot going through a dry spell. I had my dry'est month ever in Jan, had 4 wins on the 6th jan....(thought it was a start of something good.....) and that was it.nothing else at all

    Feb improved quite a lot, i won
    Cat Pawesome/purrfect Box (life in a breakdown blog)
    a box Ferrero Rocher @simplyfreshUK twitter
    monster pet treats (monster freebie friday)
    Hello Kitty AquaBeads (AQUABEADSUK INSTAGRAM
    a copy of pink magazine (pink fb)
    Bottle Of Ace fabric conditioner (ACE UK FB INSTANT WIN)
    #docmcstuffins bundle - ukmums twitter party

    And my first for march was an oxo spiraliser (oxo fb) which im really excited about as ive started my diet, and cant wait to try that! i dont seem to be entering as much as i used to . im trying more effort ones now, especially a lot of photo ones, so my little girl can get involved more.

    1. Well done on your wins! I had an amazing win 2 days ago. I won the £300 Currys voucher for a new washing machine on the Ace facebook instand comp xxx

  2. Wow! You seem to win so regularly. I comp for probably 8-12 hours a day a mixture of blogs, mag dailys, click to wins, Facebook & Twitter plus MSE closing. I do win but the prizes are usually DVDs, etc. Need a boost to spur me on this year.

  3. wow your doing so well Ellen, keep it up