Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bowleaze Cove and Weymouth

A few weeks ago I went on holiday with my mum, sister and niece to Haven Weymouth Bay. The weather was so lovely that we spent quite some time on the beaches of Bowleaze Cove and Weymouth. 

Bowleaze Cove

Bowleaze Cove

Just a short walk from the Haven park is Bowleaze Cove beach. We always go down to Bowleaze on the first or second day of our holiday to see the sea. One negative thing about living in the Midlands is that the nearest beach from us is Weston-Super-Mare and if you go there and actually see the sea then you are lucky. Bowleaze is mostly a shingled beach with sand nearer the shore. The first day I decided to walk down to the sea with no shoes on and it really hurt my feet so much that the next day I decided to buy some cheap fake crocs to wear instead. 

The sea at Bowleave Cove

The sea was so cold. I was actually hoping to go for a swim but it was just far too cold so I went in for a paddle too with my niece Lilly and sister Anna. 

Anna and Lilly in the sea at Bowleaze Cove

Me in the sea

There is nothing like a good paddle in the sea and breathing in the sea air. Of course whilst at the beach we decided to have and ice cream. Yummy! 

Mum, Anna and Lilly enjoying ice creams 

We also spent some time on the beach searching for fossils and comes the biggest fail story ever. Get ready to laugh. Whilst searching for fossils Lilly came across what looked like a brilliant fossil (I admit at quick glance it looked amazing). We ran over with the "fossil" to show Mum and Anna. My sister Anna looked at it and started laughing. What we had actually picked up was the bottom of a glass bottle and the "fossil" was just around the rim of the bottom of the bottle. We had such a laugh over it. 

Also at Bowleaze Cove they have a really lovely gift shop. I bought Neil some really random sticks of rock there like creme egg and marmite flavour rock. I also bought myself a lovely bookmark in the shape of a surf board. 

They also have arcades at Bowleaze Cove which we visited a couple of times for the grabbing machines. I won two prizes an Adventure Time plush and a Frankenstein's Monster plush. Lilly decided she wanted the Adventure Time one and I brought Franky back home with me. 

My first win at the arcades 
My second really random win 

On the Monday there was a car boot sale in Bowleaze Cove as well which we went to. I love a good car boot sale. I bought a pen and a phone case as mine was broken. We really do love Bowleaze cove. 



Weymouth is one of my favourite beaches in the UK. The beach is sandy and you can walk out in the sea for ages without it getting deep so is very good for children. 

We visited the beach a few times and on the Tuesday we went in to meet up with my Dad and our other sister Frankie and my niece and nephew. We went for fish and chips in a place where they give the kids the chips in a bucket with a spade which they then used on the beach.  We sat on the beach for a few hours whilst the kids went into the sea, played frisbee and made sandcastles. 

Cousins in the sea 

Building sandcastles 

Apart from the beach we also went shopping in Weymouth. I am amazed at how Weymouth has grown since I was down there as a teenager. They have all the beach shops and then they have a great shopping centre. I also managed to find the shop that sold Funko Pop's though I didn't buy any as they had the same ones as my local comic book shop has and were more expensive. I did however go to the t-shirt printing shop and get a new t-shirt with my twitter handle on which I love. 

My new t-shirt 

We had such an amazing holiday and we couldn't have been luckier with the weather. Roll on next year when we go back again. I love Weymouth it's like a second home for me having been going down there since my childhood. 

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  1. I'm going away to a Haven park tomorrow for the first time in years, looking forward to it after reading your post. Going to give the Bingo a go as well :)