Monday, 29 June 2015

Candy Japan Review

Hello everyone! We've had a nice little surprise slip through our letterbox this month. It's a little box of sweets from Candy Japan. Candy Japan are a small box subscription service that send you two packages a month for $25. Each package contains a small number of Japanese candy items (usually between two and six items, but occasionally they contain more); it's basically however many they can get into a standard Japanese envelope! 

Our candy box contained three items; the first was a Caplico mini, the second was a bag with a Japanese name but a description of "roasted Caramel" and the third was a bag of Cademina cola rings. 

The Caplico mini looks a little like an ice cream cone on the packet, and when you opened it - it was an ice cream cone. It was a little thinner, and obviously didn't have real ice cream in. But it was tasty. The "ice cream" was soft, fluffy and sweet. The first half of the cone had a strawberry flavour, the second half saw that replaced with chocolate. 

The wafer cone tasted, well, like a wafer cone. It all works well and my only complaint is that it all went away too quickly! 

While the packaging on this has very little English, I can make out "Roasted Caramel" and what looks like almonds. Not really knowing what to expect, I dip in and take a look (and a taste!) 

These are little caramel nuggets that have a really nice toasted taste to them. They crunch and then there's a texture a little like popcorn (although it doesn't look like popcorn). As you can see in the photo, they're small -- and unfortunately, they're very moreish! I've had to go and tape up the bag and hide it away so I don't gobble them all up in one go! 

The third and final item in the Candy Japan box is a bag of Candemina cola flavoured candy rings. They are a really nice cola flavour, I think nicer than most cola-flavoured sweets, with a really nice fizzy-sugar coating. They're a firm (not soft) jelly ring and quite enjoyable. A bonus for me is that the bag is resealable - which hopefully will help make them last a little longer :-) 

One problem I have, as a non-Japanese speaking person, is that it's hard to understand what's going on with the items; but that's okay, Candy Japan send out an email to explain the contents of the box, and whether there's anything special you need to do. (In past boxes they've had candy that involves adding water, mixing and coating a candy before eating... the sort of thing you might not have been able to deduce without a bit of help). 

What I did see though, was that these candy's do have some nutritional information on them - although it is all in Japanese - I can pick up the Calories - which is handy as I'm counting them at the moment (for reference: the Caplico mini was 47 Kcal, the Cola rings were 9.5 Kcal (each - I assume) and the Roast Caramel pieces were 313 Kcal for a 60g bag - which I think works out as about 5-6 Kcal per piece). 

I enjoyed the candies in the box. It might seem a lot at $25 (which is about £16), but that is only $12.50 (£8) a box, and postage is included in the price. I think if you like little surprises, and enjoy sweets from Japan, this is a good way to satisfy those urges. If you'd like to sign up for a subscription, or to gift one to a friend, details can be found on the Candy Japan website . Additionally, they have a sizable list of items that have been included in previous boxes, so you can see if any of that tickles your fancy!


  1. I like the sound of these boxes. The sweets look yummy. I think this would make a good gift :) x

  2. a little pricey, looks great though

  3. I know a few people who would love these

  4. Interesting to try these - they do look good

  5. These sound really yummy, thanks for the review.