Sunday, 14 June 2015

Happy Staffie Rescue Fun Dog Show

A few weeks ago we took Shortie to a fun dog show in one of our local parks, Springield Park,  with our friend Debs and her six dogs. The show was organised by the local charity Happy Staffie Rescue. So let me introduce you to all our dogs: 

I'm sure my regular readers will know that this is my boy - Shortie - he is a twelve year old Yorkie Poodle. I rescued him three and a half years ago from Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

Debs dogs in age order:

First up we have Jessie who is a three years old Jack Russell. She absolutely loves Neil and chasing the ball in the park. 

Next up is Tilly who is nearly two years old. She is a Jack Russell x Chihuahua - though really we think she is ninty percent Chihuahua. She is a real diva and whilst she is the smallest of the pack she is very much in charge. 

Then there is Toby who is a one year old mini Jack Russell. He has the same mum as Tilly but a different dad. He is funny with his pink nose and almost human like eyes. 

Then we have the pups who are now about 7 months old. Jack  (the white one) and Bella (the sandy one) who are also mini Jack Russell's - brother and sister from the same litter and have the same mum as Toby and Tilly. I love these two so much especially Jack Jack. It's hard to explain but I just love him so much.

And then we have the puppy Gizmo who is just a complete and utter nutter. He is about 6 months old and is supposed to be a Jack Russell x Chihuahua but we are not so sure what he is because if you compare him to Tilly he is completely different. He just has a puppy brain and is in to everything. 

So we decided to take all seven of the dogs to the dog show. What a nightmare!! Gizmo was very yappy from the start so Debs decided to take him back home whilst Neil held the other dogs and I was in and out of the ring with various combinations of dogs depending on the category. 

Debs returned just as I was coming out the ring with Jack who had won second most handsome dog. When the judge came around Jack gave him his famous smile. He gets so excited when he sees people he goes all smiley. Everyone at the park loves it. I didn't get a picture of Jack with his rosette and certificate but I took this amazing photo of him awhile back which I love. 

I took Shortie in a couple of categories. Some I regret taking him in like the "best six legs" when people wore leg warmers and put them on their dogs. I just went in as I was. And also "best rescue dog" which because Shortie's back story isn't too bad we had no chance but saying that by entering the categories I was giving to charity to help other dogs. 

Shortie did have some success though. He came second in Scruffiest Dog and third in Best Cross Breed. I was so proud of him as he really behaved himself. He got certificates, rosettes and goody bags with treats and a ball in. 

We had a good look around the stalls there too and there was a professional photographer there as well who took this lovely photo of Shortie that I have bought. 

The only bad thing about the day was that the weather wasn't great but at least it didn't rain too much and that Debs battery in the car went flat and we had to walk back home with the six dogs. We had a great day out though and I hope that Happy Staffie Rescue made lots of money for their charity. We look forward to the next one though we might take less dogs! 


  1. It sounds like you had a great time....Dog shows are such fun x

  2. They're all gorgeous <3 It's good to see there's a Staffie Rescue Centre, much misunderstood dogs, but I won't start on a rant, I promise!

  3. I have a Jack Russell, love seeing the JR and JR crosses in this post :)

  4. Aww what a cute bunch of doggies! So great to do something for charity. Congrats on the rosetts :) x