Thursday, 18 June 2015

I've lost a stone!

Five weeks ago I went back to the doctors for my results regarding my gallbladder ultra sound scan and it came back that I had gallstones. I can't say this was the the only reason why I have decided to try and lose some weight. I had put on over a stone in the last year taking me up to a massive 19 stone 8 lbs at the beginning of the year and I just couldn't seem to shift much. So at my appointment with the doctors. I decided to ask for her advice. 

I didn't really want to go to a slimming club because of a bad experience I had at weight watchers one time. I was losing about 3lbs a week back then and felt I was doing really well and was enjoying going to the weigh ins and even stayed for some of the meetings (with my anxiety problems this was good). I had lost about a stone and a half and the leader just turned on me. I lost 3lbs again that week and she shouted really loudly at me in front of everyone and said that if I lost another 3lbs the next week she would kick me out of the group. I was so embarrassed and upset that I went to my doctors that week who said she was very wrong to do that to me. I never returned to the group after that. It dented my confidence a bit and made me feel bad when really I was doing well. I have a lot to lose. I know how weight loss goes. You lose quite a bit at the start and then it levels off to only losing a certain amount. People continually tell  me to go to slimming world and that this was a one off but for me it has put me off and I wanted to make the changes myself. 

So here I was five weeks ago at the start of my journey at 19 stone 2.5lbs: 

At the doctors I asked for some suggestions on how to lose weight on my own. She told me the best way to do it is by reducing my calorie intake and watching my portion sizes as I already walk about 3 miles a day when walking Shortie. She said I could try eating under 1000 calories a day but I decided that would be too hard so I set my goal of between 1000 and 1500 calories per day. An average woman should eat 2000 calories a day. Also this would help because I would be eating better food and reducing the fat which in turn will help with my gallstones pain until I can have my operation. 

So Neil went into town and bought me a nice notebook and each day I count my calories and weigh my portions. I was eating probably about eight times the amount of cereal I should be eating each morning and sometimes having the same for lunch! For breakfast now I tend to have porridge and thanks to a recent Degustabox I found some amazing natural sweetener that has a texture like sugar that I put on top called Natvia. I managed to find sachets of them for coffee and tea and I just put one of those on my porridge. Natvia has no calories in so it's fab. 

For lunch I tend to have a sandwich usually with turkey roll in or something like that and some low fat crisps. 

The main things I have changed for dinner is if I have pasta I weigh the pasta out so I have the right portion size. Normally I tend to just tip loads in without caring but I was eating far too much. I am eating a lot more vegetables and salad because they are low calorie so sometimes I will have half a bag of salad on my plate. 

In the evenings I usually have enough calories left to have a hot chocolate from my coffee machine and even a couple of times I have had enough left for a toffee crisp bar. 

On the weekends I have a little treat. I love having burgers, chips and onion rings just now instead of getting take away we have them at home and instead of beef we have quorn burgers which are really yummy and because I weigh the chips out and know the calories for them it's fine. I usually also have three or four onion rings too. 

Also Neil decided to have a little experiment in making a pizza using a wrap as the base as a treat and it was yummy. This one has turkey roll on the top and cheddar cheese which has more calories in than when we made other ones with mozzarella instead. We have also altered it to include mushrooms and sweetcorn which has given it a bit more colour. This individual pizza only contains 231 calories where as if I got take away pizza one slice contains about the same! It really is delicious especially as the edges go a little bit crispy too. 

So I have been weighing myself once a week with the same scales on exactly the same kitchen tile on a Monday evening and in the last five weeks I have lost a total of.........

*** 1 stone 2lbs ***

I am so chuffed and I am really enjoying eating better and feeling less sluggish. I have a long way to go yet but I am determined to do this. I am taking it one stone at a time. My next goal is 17 stone 2.5lbs. I haven't taken an updated picture yet as I don't think there is much difference yet. 

I am extremely lucky to have my very supportive fiance Neil who helps me out with the calories and keeping me on the straight and narrow. We haven't removed the snacks from the house like the doctor suggested because this isn't a diet for Neil who isn't over weight but I just know that if I cheat then I am cheating myself and no one else. There will be times when I will go over the 1500 calories like if I go for a meal with my family but for the most part I am sticking to this. 

This isn't a diet.....this is a lifestyle change....and I am loving it!


  1. Well done! A stone! You must be so proud of yourself! Keep up the good work!

  2. What an awful experience you had at weight watchers! I would be put off too!
    You are doing great! What a fantastic loss! Good for you x

  3. Ahh congratulations! The main reason for me losing weight/eating better is so I don't feel as sluggish.
    Wow! Sounds like the lady at Weight Watchers was jealous of how well you were doing. What a bitch. You're doing fab on your own anyways. I'm going to be making pizza from wraps asap!
    Looking forward to following your progress :) x

  4. Wow well done, I would love to lose a stone but I just don't seem to have the willpower!

    Kirsty Fox