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Japan Candy Box - June 2015

A month ago we received a nice surprise from the makers of Kawaii box (we reviewed a Kawaii box back in December), although instead of being full of cute Japanese things you can … um… do stuff with, this was full of candy (10 items). Although, saying that, there was one item in there that you could, actually, do stuff with… But I’ll stay vague right now and keep you in suspense! (A harmless bit of suspense is probably good for the soul or something). 

So, without further ado (or waffling), on with the unboxing and sampling.

We were sent June’s Japan Candy Box and, as you can see, it was packed full of candies. Also, usefully, it contained a contents list which is really useful in working out what everything is (although most things seem obvious, there are a few things that make you go “oh, that’s not what I was thinking at all.") 

Puccho Mixed fruit Chewy Candy 

First thing to be opened was the packet of Puccho “juicy, assorted fruit flavour” candy. The first thing that catches your attention is all the cute characters on the silver wrapping paper. (I mean, the whole box is overflowing with cuteness) Opening each individually wrapped piece gives you a mostly white, mostly square candy (I say mostly; when you look at it, it has a sense of being folded into itself or something). 

Taste-wise, it is fruity. I’m not sure I can say what fruit it is specifically, so I'm going to go for some sort of fruit punch mix-up. There is a slight juicy element, but it’s not bursting liquid (like some of the candies I've seen in recent years) and the texture is quite similar to the “foam gummy” sweets you can get. 

These get a thumbs up from us, so onto the next candy.

Yaokin Sour Paper Candy

Next up is the packet of Yaokin Sour Paper candy. I don’t know if it shows on the photo that well, but this is quite a thin looking packet, but quite long. It also is quite bendy – which made us wonder “what’s inside?” 

Opening up the packet reveals a single, long piece of candy covered in a sugary coating. A little like a wide “fizzy lace” or a sugary “fruit winder” sort of thing. 

Flavour-wise, it was cola and didn't taste too different to other cola-flavoured candies. There was a slight sour-ness to it, but not a “suck-your-face-inside-out” like you get with some sweets where they’re deliberately trying to overload the sour receptors in your taste buds. 

It was flexible, but kept its shape. It tasted nice. The only problem was there was only one and went far too quickly!

Marukawa Fusen bubble gum 

Now we have the first of two types of bubblegum in this package, the Marukawa Fusen Bubble Gum. Now this we discovered by a process of elimination – with its logo only in Japanese, and its box being quite tiny and not really giving the game away as to what it was… we had to go through the list and candies we could identify (which, fortunately, was all of the others ) and go “ah ha, you must be this!” 

Inside the box are four small pink-purble balls. Each one is a fruity bubblegum. Imagine the gum balls you get in screwballs; they a little bit smaller than that – say half the size. They do feel very gum-like, so if we’d not been able to work it out by elimination, we’d have worked it out by texture and taste. 

Flavour-wise, I’d say they’re similar to American “grape” flavoured candy. The flavour is good and seems to last a good while. It has been a bit-of-a-while since I blew bubbles, but I gave it a go a few times; first with 2 balls, then 3 and finally all 4… …and success! I managed to get a couple of small bubbles out of it before giving up – expecting I was courting disaster and it was only a matter of time before I was wearing the gum in my eyebrows.

Kabaya Pikachu Pretzels 

Now these are nice; what we have here in a very cute Pokemon themed box are some chocolate-pretzel flavoured, yoghurty coated … um... stick things. Essentially it's like Pikachu themed pocky sticks, or mikado or whatever you might know them as. 

They are tasty, a good mix of flavour and … gone too quick. 

Like all these things, the level of detail is great; even the inner wrapper is covered in a myriad of joyous, bouncing Pikachu. Loved these. 

Lotte Koala March Biscuits 

These are cute! You can see from the pictures that the foil bag is covered in happy, cheery koalas - but - when you open the pack, you can see that the koalas come with you. 

Inside you find that there are a lot (probably a dozen or so) koala shaped biscuit things, with cute chocolate-printed pictures of koalas! So cute! 

Taste-wise we have a thin, crispy, biscuit that tastes a little like a fortune cookie all around a soft chocolatey filling; the filling has a taste similar to chocolate spread or nutella. 

 Very nice! And hugely cute! 

Meiji Choco Baby 

This is cute! (Cute is probably the word of this review!) In a tiny box we have a some tiny, little chocolate cylinders. These is so cute! It's like a box of chocolates for Tom Thumb or Thumberlina or something. 

But would our tiny friends like them? I'd say these milk chocolates taste a little like the sort of chocolate you get from companies in other parts of the world; say Hershey in America. It's nice, but it's not Cadbury. With this sort of thing it always depends on whether you like that sort of thing - I always have so I'm all smiles. A bonus for kids out there is that the box is a perfect size to make a kitchen food-related accessory for a doll or other toy. (A similar thing could be said about the petit bubblegum). 

Great, cute and lots of fun! 

Dorayaki Japanese Hotcake 

This is nice and tasty - essentially what we have here is a lovely, little, chocolate - filled, sponge-sandwich. It tastes just like a tiny sponge cake with a chocolate filling! Lovely! (I think that's all I can say about it - it was lovely though!) 

Kabaya Fish/Frog gummies 

These are nice, fruity gummy shapes. We received the fish shapes, but others would have received frog shapes in their box. You mostly get a citrus taste, which is quite nice; and the jelly/ gummy-ness of the shapes is nice. It's a little firmer than - say - jelly babies; more like the sort of firmness you get with gummy rings. 

Marukawa Fusan Bubblegum 

Next up is the second bubblegum of the box, Marukawa Fusen bubblegum. 

First things first, very cute packaging; although a little bit worrying that we have cute cartoon bubbles drinking bubbly soda... and it looks like being chased by a bubble! On removing the shrinkwrap, what's kinda cool is that the "cute/ worrying" cartoons tell a bit more of a story, which is nice. 

Anyway, enough of that - although I am suitably impressed with the packaging (especially the "dispenser" part of the packet which I thinks puts all our candy-packaging to shame!); onto the more interesting part of the review... This gum has a definite cola-mixed-with-fruit-mixed-with-soda-mixed-with... well, I don't know what! It's a definitely a nice taste combination. 

The tiny little gum squares do need a few to be chewed at a time if you have any hope of blowing a bubble though -- not that I'm that good at it (although, there is always something about bubble gum... that knowing you have it in your mouth means you have to try and blow bubbles). 

Popin' Cookin' Neri Candy Land DIY Kit 

Saving the best to last - the Popin' Cookin' Neri Candy Landy DIY Kit! This was the candy we were most interested in when we saw the contents list - DIY candy? The box I think you can see shows you how to mix the candy stuff together and make different shapes and things - with a reminder to first wash your hands! 

Well, what's it like? 

As you can see from the photo, opening the box has a foil bag inside; inside the foil bag is a tray , and inside the tray is five little packages of coloured candy; pink, blue, white, yellow and black. There's also a stick and a small bag of hundreds and thousands. 

The packaging shows how to mix and gives a bunch of ideas of things you can make... so let's give it a go. 

One of the first things you notice is, much like plasticine, the coloured blocks start firm but after a little working become pliable and malleable. Also, I think like modelling clay products, it starts off smooth but can get sticky if you work it for too long.

Like most of these things, the only thing that limits you is your imagination... oh, and the amount of clay (candy) you have. And the ideas on the packaging help with any lack of imagination... ...but what is the final product like? 

Well, appearance wise... it looks like something someone made… taste-wise, it has a bit of a fruity bubble-gummy sort of taste, with a degree of fizziness. I liked it! 

There is a lot of fun to be had here; great for the young and young at heart... 

Overall we were impressed with the box; it was a really good selection, and although some of the items were fairly small, their diminished sized didn't make our appreciation any less! If you would like to receive your own box visit the Japan Candy Box website, they cost $19.90 for one month (and less if you subscribe for longer) this includes free postage to the UK.  

Brilliant! Just the fun thing for anyone with a surprise-desiring sweet-tooth!


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Disclaimer: The Japan Candy box was sent to me for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own.

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