Thursday, 31 December 2015

Competition Wins 2015 - I won 179 prizes!

It's been another year of entering competitions and whilst it feels like it's becoming harder to win prizes at times (as more and more people are discovering the hobby) I have had another great year and won some lovely prizes. I usually I write a list of my wins in a note on Facebook but this year I thought it would be nice to have a round up of my wins here on my blog. 

Entering competitions has been my hobby since 2000. Some of the early years I entered less competitions but in the last ten years I would say I have entered more. I wrote a little guide to starting comping on my blog awhile back with a few of my tips on how to get into competitions. So if you are interested and would like some tips see my post here

I feel it's important to say that there is a new breed of compers (people who enter competitions) these days and the comping community is not what it used to be sadly. Whilst social media has seen an increase in competitions to enter and us being able to get closer to the brands we love it has also caused a lot of conflict with people going all out to win even the smallest prizes. This year has been sad in that we have seen more people using multiple accounts to enter competitions, people using bots to enter competitions automatically, people stealing other peoples images to win competitions and people using sob stories galore in order to try and get the sympathy of the person running the competition to let them win. This in my opinion is ruining the hobby. Whilst there are these bad people spoiling it for everyone else there is also a great community too and I have made many friends through the hobby. 

What I really want to say is that for me, for the most part, comping is just about luck. You win some, you lose some. I personally wouldn't be happy entering a competition knowing that I had cheated in some way in order to win that prize. Or that I had begged to used one of the sad stories in my life to win a prize. I keep it real and know that every prize I have won has been won fairly and if I don't win then that's life. I personally love reading about other compers wins. There are so many competitions out there for everyone to enjoy. So my hopes for the comping world for 2016 is for everyone to be a little nicer to each other and be fair. Sadly I know that there will always be cheats out there spoiling it for everyone else. 

There is also a bit of a negative feeling between some bloggers and compers too. Some bloggers feel that if you are a comper then you shouldn't be able to win their competitions. I'm not sure why. Some companies do the same too and it's sad because compers are just people who help bring awareness by sharing with their friends and also we do have a life away from comping and enjoy the same things every other human being enjoys. Also there is a new breed of bloggers who feel it's acceptable to use their blog as a way to win competitions by basically telling the company they are entering the competition for that they will do a review of their product on their blog if they win the prize. This in my opinion is just as bad as cheating. I would never use my blog to blag a prize. It's not fair on the people who don't have the time or inclination to blog. 

Anyway I think I've gone on enough about my views. I just want to say comping is a hobby. A fun hobby. Lets keep it real my friends! 

And without further a do. My wins of 2015.....

A Magners Beanie Hat, Christmas Pawsome box, Cushella Koala, Christmas hamper.... 

This Christmas hamper from Woman and Home magazine was amazing.
Lots of booze, condiments, chocolate and Christmas goodies and meat. 

Chicken dinner at the Harvester, Prince of Darkness blu-ray, Fingers & Tongues book, Bluebeard Revenge gift set, £10 Amazon voucher, £150 Joshua James Jewellery Voucher, The Equaliser DVD, Heart bowl and ladle, My Little Pony DVD, Looking (season 1) DVD, The Best of Me DVD, £95 Schuh voucher, Whole Earths 3nut butter and pancakes, Dog bed, Jordan's Granola, Hobgoblin t-shirt, 2 x nail varnishes, Bride In Bloom ebook, Tractor Ted book and DVD, The Vintage Guide To Love and Romance book, Dolphin's Tale 2 blu-ray, £300 Currys Voucher....

I won this £300 Currys voucher from Ace UK on Facebook...
we spent it on a new gas cooker which was very much needed

Atomicron, Fury goodies, Girls Will Be Girls book, Cheese voucher, Oxo good grip products, The Traitor's Mark book, a beauty bundle, Unfinished Business goodies, Broadchurch DVD, Tilda Basmati Hamper....

I couldn't believe how much rice I won....and we have already gotten
through most of it....there is also a Wok hidden in there too! lol! 

Scar Tissue DVD, Bahlsen biscuit hamper, 3 Drumond Park games, £150 cash, £10 Co-op voucher, Sunlife pen, Royal Family book and DVD, OPI nail varnish set, 3 bottles of Choc shots, Dolce Gusto coffee machine (with cups and After Eights), We Are All Made of Molecules signed book, Raised By Wolves DVD, Cricket Top Trumps, Dave mug, Secrets Of The Singer Girls book, Case of Toffee Crisp Honeycomb bars, 6 x packs of Chewits, £250 Joseph Joseph kitchen products....

I absolutely love these products I won from Onken, they are quality. 

Black Cherry Yankee candle, The Versions of Us book, Big Game goodies, I followed the Rules book, Unearthed food goodies, The Island Escape book, Border biscuits, Father's Day Kipling cakes...

I love winning personalised goodies and this one is no exception
for my Dad on Father's day...with a picture of us. Love it!

Into The Woods DVD, Horrid Henry DVD, Chocolate buttons, Monchhichi, keyring and goodies, Laimon Fresh memory stick, Pokey LaFarge CD, Nature Valley goodies, Head and Shoulders Shampoo/Conditioner, Safe House DVD, 30 degrees in February DVD, Pantene Shampoo/conditioner, Thrive on Five book, Apple Sports Watch...

I love winning gadgets and an Apple Sports Watch is a biggie! 

GoDoChoc Chocolates and Benefit goodies, Shiseido Zen shower gel, Thank you box of chocolates, A panoramic pod, bath bombs, Higher Ed book, Summertime book, Aquafresh Inside Out goodies, bundle of DVDs, This is Acoustic CD, 100 Bloody Acres DVD, Beyond The Lights DVD, Son of a Gun blu-ray, Accidental Love DVD, £20 Amazon voucher, Handmade Burger co voucher, Tealight holders, Emma signed book, adult colouring books, Personalised lip balm, £30 cash, Super Sweep toy, World of Warriors trading cards, Spongebob Movie blu-ray, Diesel Only The Brave aftershave, bath truffles, pizza voucher, £10 iTunes voucher, £15 Co-op voucher, P'tit Quinquin DVD, Scentiment candle, poodle mug, £20 The Works voucher, Zootfoods bars, 3 months subscription to Shaken Cocktails, £25 Amazon voucher, Crushed drinks, The Krays Kill Order DVD, The Martian goodies, Chocolate box, adult colouring book, lavender diffuser, £10 Amazon voucher, Third Time Lucky book, Let The Right One In book, Henry V CD, Hobgoblin gloves, Signed Cliff Richard calendar....

I love this win. I'm not a huge Cliff fan but my friend
Katie in Australia is. I made her day by sending her this.

Sanctuary Spa goodies, popcorn maker, Conor Couglan signed CD, Dogs of Courage book, Film book bundle, WKD and cauldron, 3 x deodorants, Boofle goodies, gingerbread advent calendar, case of Wicked Wyvern beer, Who's The Lucky Guy book, Senspa goodies, carbon monoxide alarm, 2 x She Who Dares fragrances, Cheerios personalised calendar, The Royal Secret book, case of Boost drinks, Snoopy wristband, box of Valley Mills wax melts, Steve Jobs book, bottle of Coldpress, adult toy, Partners in Crime DVD, A Cat called Alfie book, caricature of Shortie....

A bit of an unusual win but I love it. My dog
Shortie as a member of Gryffindor by Big Art Vinyl

Bottle of Shloer with limited edition bag, Decleor night balm, cinnamon snow candle, chocolate truffles, adult toy, 3 signed Sarah Morgan books and a tote bag, a bubbly santa, A Winterfold Christmas book, Dell Chromebook...

Another biggie, A Dell Chromebook....I think Neil might claim
this one :-)

Liz Earle goodies for my mum, Black mass goodies, 2 x Krispy Kreme doughnut tins, bundle of gadgets, Star Wars print, dog biscuits, fir tree bangle, bottle of wine, Big colouring book, Star Wars Rebels magazine, Harry Potter style kindle case, relaxing goodies from Sealy, Sue Perkins book, small bottle of gin, Beverly Hills toothpaste hamper and Michael Kors bracelet, chocolate cake for my niece Lilly and a chocolate cake card for me, bracelet, Football boot light, A Christmas star DVD, £10 Aldi voucher and my last win of the year that arrived today 3 x boxes of Fish "n" Chips....

Three boxes of Fish n Chips....yummy!!! 

And that is my list of my wins of the year. Some are small but I love them especially books and Neil always loves the foodie wins. My favourite wins though are the ones that I can give to members of my family or friends to  make them happy. 

I also have my Webkin's Poll competition still up and running to win a £25 Amazon voucher and more. It closes on the 10th January. I run the competition each year (though I missed a few years) for fun and to give back to others. Good luck if you decide to enter. 

All that's left to say now is to all my comper friends new and old - Happy New Year and may 2016 be very lucky for you! Good Luck my friends x 


  1. Wow! I need to try harder....I won 41 prizes this year. Not too bad considering I struggle to find the time to comp now.
    Happy New Year! All the best for 2016! Have a lucky one x

    1. Thanks. There seems to be so many comps around especially in December so it's very hard to keep up!

  2. Well done on some brilliant wins! I love compers entering my competitions and sharing them on mse and loquax etc they give my site a good boost in visitor numbers and are generally lovely and loyal!
    The only thing I get annoyed with some compers is when they follow me to enter a competition and then unfollow later on...I often have comps so they end up refollowing but the size of prizes I get given to often depends on my follower and visitor numbers lol!
    Happy New Year,
    Stevie x

    1. Thanks so much. I agree with you. I think with twitter when there was the 2001 followers limit it was hard for people because they had to unfollow in order to follow more. They have upped the limit now which helps.