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Degustabox Review - October 2015

Back at the end of October we received our Degustabox. We are always so excited to get a Degustabox to see what lovely foodie surprises we receive. I'm sorry this review is a little later than I would have liked but it's that time of year when everything gets a little bit hectic. Here is our box: 

You can't help but notice that winter is drawing in. If it wasn't the weather showing us that, it would be the abundance of Christmas decorations flying up in towns and cities. To help us through these colder months, we have a lovely selection of heart-warming (and tummy warming) goodies; from feel-good snacks to spicy sauces. 

So without (much) further ado, onto the unboxing!

Kabuto Noodles - RRP £1.99 

First up, is a repeater from January's box. Kabuto noodles. We loved these the first time we had them and were excited to see them in the box again; they are a favourite. This is for two reasons. The first, obviously, is the taste. These are great tasting noodles. But the second reason is for the amount of fun and playfulness that has gone into the packaging. 

See what we mean? You can't but help smile when you read instructions like, "Beware Samurai, for your noodles will be hot. Make sure you eat them before they get cold and do not reheat. Failure to follow instructions will bring great shame to yourself and your family" 

Incredibly playful. Incredibly tasty. Still a favourite!

Geeta's Korma Curry Paste and Lime and Chili chutney - RRP £3.10 

A few months back in our Degustabox we received a jar of the Geeta's Mango chutney which was a really delightful mix of flavours. It was a mild chutney with a bit of a curry kick to it; and it oozed quality. So when we saw these (the first of two Db Discoveries this month) we were over the moon. In keeping with the winter warming, the chutney is hot (although balanced by the Korma being mild).  
What impressed us with the previous Geeta's we'd received was how well balanced the flavours were; this time is no different. At time of writing we've not made up the Korma, but we have sampled the chutney which has a great taste to it. The lime shines through and isn't over-shadowed by the chilli, and the chilli is hot enough to be warming without making you feel like your head is on fire. Great for dipping, and not bad for adding a kick to cheese and crackers - we loved it!

Chip Strips - RRP £2.00 

We were sent a couple of packs of Chip Strips. These are new to us and we wasn't really knowing what to expect. Would it be like the potato version of matchmakers? Would it be something completely different? Oh the questions we asked; but the only way to find out is open the packets. 

We were sent two flavours, salt and vinegar and BBQ. On opening we were met with a bunch of very thin strips. They had a decent crunch to them and were packed full of flavour. I guess the things I can compare them to are the old Smith's square crisps – only, instead of being square, they're long and rectangular. They are also perfectly flat; no curling here. 

While we just munched straight through them, we'd imagine these would be great for dipping. (Although, might be a bit fragile - but it would be fun trying!)

Naked Marshmallows "Ahoy Sailor" -  RRP £1.29 

One of our favourites this time around was this little bag of handmade marshmallows. Little is the key word; the bag only had three marshmallows.... but... they... were... divine! 

These are definitely the best and tastiest marshmallows we have ever had! It was probably a good thing there were only three in there – if there were more of these delightful things we would start looking like marshmallows! They had a great consistency, awesome flavour and … no... no matter how often I look in the packet, there aren't any more in there. Loved them. But send more next time nom nom nom!

Liberation Foods Oven Baked Salted Cashews and Peanuts - RRP £2.00

As a nut fan, Neil grabbed these for his snacks. He said they had a great taste to them; they didn't feel oily like some nuts – which might be part of the oven baking process. He thought they were full of flavour and really delicious and fresh tasting. 

We love their ethos being fair trade fans, and they delivered on taste. It would be interesting to compare with some of their other products which sound curiously tempting. Great stuff!

Degustabox 'product of the month'  - 9Bar - RRP £2.49 

This month's degustabox product of the month is a pack of 9Bar Super Seeds Original Carob hit. We have tried different 9Bar products previously and loved them and these are just as great. The mix of seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and hemp) plus the carob chocolatey flavour are such a great combination. These bars feel like they are full of energy; the ideal thing for people with busy lives filled with activities. 

Loved the taste. Loved the texture. Loved the flavours and would seek them out again. A definite favourite!

The Snack Organisation presents Sweet Chilli Rice Crackers - RRP £1.00 

The first of two things from the Snack Organisation; we were sent a pack of Sweet Chilli Rice crackers (other flavours include lightly salted and Teriyaki). How do I describe these? Well they're small and round, thin with a nice crunch to them. They're gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. The chilli flavour was nice; very warming but not quite reaching a blow-your-head-off heat – which is nice; sometimes you get spicy things and they're just a little too spicy... or, worse, not spicy enough. This hits the right spot.

We ate them in a similar way to how you would eat crisps, but have a good firmness for dipping (imagine they'd be good with a nice blue cheese dip). They also kept their crunch and flavour a good week after opening which was nice too (probably would have kept it longer too if we hadn't eaten them all!) 

Very nice! Wouldn't mind getting them again in the box. Lovely!

The Snack Organisation Presents Freeze Dried Apricots  - RRP £1.00 

In previous Degustaboxes we've been sent freeze-dried fruit before (and enjoyed it) and these Apricots are no exception. We don't know if it's a thing that's 'in vogue' at the moment, but we are glad it looks like it. There is something about them – they have this firm texture and almost fizz when you pop them in your mouth; and once in your mouth you get that apricot flavour; if it wasn't for the texture and crunch to them, you wouldn't think they weren't actual apricots. 

We love these. They're also available in Strawberry, Apple and Pineapple and are gluten free and Vegetarian.  

President Unsalted Butter - RRP £2.00 

What can we say, it's butter. There is something really nice about proper butter – especially on a hot crumpet or muffin. I know, butter; not exactly the healthiest... but a nice little knob melting away once in a while. It's pure indulgence, and we all deserve a little indulgence every once in a while.

Cirio chopped tomatoes and Cirio la classica - RRP £2.25

We haven't used these yet, but are familiar with the brand; previously I've written about my diet and the wrap pizza; when we've made these we've used Cirio puree as the tomato sauce for the pizza wrap and have loved it. It's a great tomato taste and we expect these are no different (obviously, chopped tomatoes are chopped tomatoes – I assume Neil will use these in a Chilli in the near future)

Lorina Coconut-Lime - RRP £1.49

Now I know not everyone is keen on coconut water flavours; but this isn't that. This is a carbonated, French, Coconut and Lime drink. We didn't really know what to expect here, but, it is wonderfully refreshing. The combination of coconut and lime works really well and is in all honesty, quite a pleasant surprise. 

And that was our box; we love that Degustabox always gives us recipes to try out (although we rarely, actually, try making them ourselves.) This month's recipe is the bane of masterchef contestants everywhere; melting chocolate fondants. We might give this a go later... but we equally, might not. (Or might and not talk about it if it's an unmitigated disaster!) 

Another great box; we love the mixture of old favourites and new friends – although, to be honest, this month's box is more new friends than old favourites. Not a bad thing though. We loved it! 

If you would like your own Degustabox, please go to their website. It costs £12.99 a box (including delivery) however Degustabox has given us a special offer code for our readers to get £6 off their first box. The code is:


We are very happy to recommend the service and selection they provide.

Disclaimer: The October 2015 Degustabox was sent to me for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own.

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