Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Japan Candy Box - December 2015 - Review and Giveaway

Here we are again with a nice little box of candy making its way to us from our friends at Japan Candy Box

Like our previous boxes, this is a marvellously cute box filled with candy and snacks from Japan - I could go on, but let's get straight onto the review...

Popin' Cookin' Cake and Ice Cream Shop DIY Kit 

Love these DIY kits. Okay, they take a little more work but there is something incredibly fun about mixing and making and then eating; although, admittedly a lot of my creations are a lot less fancy than those on the packet. Lots of fun! Creative and tasty! 

Yaokin Sour Paper Candy - Apple 

I'm a big "sour thing" fan, so this was the first thing I took out of the box. It's a thin, translucent, green, gummy candy - covered in sour sugar. Not unlike a fruit winder ... once you unwind it. Tasty and sour, but not suck-your-face-inside-out sour. 

Tohato Anpanman corn rings 

These are interesting. I'm not entirely sure how to describe these. There is a subtle sweetness to these tiny corn rings - that look - a little like cheerios in shape and size, but not texture. In texture they melt like a wotsit or something. I'm not sure about them, but I can't stop eating them. And the packaging, like everything in the box, is hyper cute! 

Abe Seika Abekko Ramune Candy 

These are nice! It's a tiny, little packet of tiny, little round candies. They're grape flavoured and - I was expecting something firm, but; you stick them on your tongue and they just melt away in a fizzy grape-taste explosion. 

Lotte Pokemon Ramune Candy 

Pika-pika! Pika-pika! This candy, in a little pikachu themed bag is small, round and cola flavoured. It looks a little similar to the Abe Seika Abekko Ramune Candy, but doesn't fizz and melt. Instead it sits a little longer on the tongue, tempting you to bite. 

UHA Lemon Gummy 

Now these are interesting. If you think of English Lemon candies, there's usually a sharpness with a sweetness. These lemon gummies are more bitter with the sour, than sweet. The sort of thing you think, "I shouldn't like..." but yet, can't stop eating! 

Puccho Chewy Candy - Pink Grapefruit 

We've had this Candy from Japan previously - and loved it. There's something about the way this candy feels. It looks like a starburst but feels less yielding, like plastic or something. And then there are little gummy balls that escape as you bite into it and chew. The grapefruit flavour is good too; not a usual "English" flavour for candy. Nice - and cute little wrappers! 

Kabaya Hello Kitty Cookie Sticks 

Now these you'll have seen before; there are a number of these "biscuit stick things with a flavour on one end" you get over here now; usually it's chocolate, or something similar (I'm thinking Mikado style) - but this one, it tastes a little like a biscuit with a tasty, strawberry yoghurt coating. Nice, and tasty! 

Meji Petit Bubble Gum 

Now these we've had before and loved (Wish I could remember when we had it before!). Very cute, and very tasty! Nice to have a returning favourite.

Yaokin Takoyaki Snack Stick 

This is an interesting one; I know, my word of the review appears to be 'interesting'. This is a savoury corn-snack that tastes a little like... I'm not entirely sure what. I'd say it's a bit like if you had a seafood, slightly spicy chow mein flavoured, giant wotsit. Or something. Tasty, but a little odd.

And that's it - our ten wonderfully Japanese candy snacks and candy. We loved it as always and would highly recommend their service. If you would like to get your own box check out the Japan Candy Box website or try your luck in our competition below. 

*** Competition *** 

Japan Candy Box has kindly given us a box to give away to one of our blog readers. Please enter through the  rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway is open worldwide. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: The December 2015 Japan Candy Box was sent to me for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own. The competition is being run directly by Japan Candy Box.  


  1. Elaine Skye Clark. Thanks for a fab giveaway. Glad I found your blog Fingers crossed.����

  2. I love Japanese candy.
    I also recommend Orange Meiji if you haven't tried them already- they are soo good! :)

  3. I love everything to do with Japan it's something that I enjoy just to myself especially the sweets

  4. lovely giveaway id love to try everything you are offering